Friday, July 15, 2005
but my mental illness is a crystal tarp. and tastes like

the underground press has found it. & pronounced it

existential scary & abandonado. yet a shimmering so

vast it crinkles everyone's context into parenthood or

delicious childhood. mine as attention paid as debtors

line up for individually packaged nervous collapses.

mine flying down to smother our own touchy bare births.

no lines from work today. a potted fix gets me.

it all gets me into the ground. what i looked like

when the kingdom came. an archbishop's dummy.

isn't the theory an architect. no garbage man.

no father of oceanside resorts. although poetry

isn't easy, it can be a lot of fun to write about

what you imagine
. a trilobite galloping west.

i imagine a suffering. a butcher poet for brisket.

Thursday, July 14, 2005
so sorry to be. set up. of all punks still hungry

enough to want fiction. from flowers and axles

i'm taking home. all the king's advice in tinfoil.

couldn't feel henry or edward or werner or jim.

i like sentences that go to bits in my lunchbox.

still sorry for pretending to know. not beautiful.

addled confidence. was a long take this. city.

called out as a passage behind glass. voices

as a pole in the center. pretend shakespeare

wasn't in charge. action. knowledge. passion.

pretends the sun. this form of running seems

a force of air. force of loneliness. a forked eye.

weren't you still in sleeping an architectural exploit.

sure you were. sure you were. sure.

so this saying stands for my spoon of ice.

and this stands for my shallow crime.

my raucous cigarette standing here

beside my woman-riddle. my tone-deaf

suspicions. this is my daylight reaching

up to an angelic doubt. standing for

the movie i'm making of an innocent

audience clapping off time. barging in

with pungent adjectives as if they could

stand for what i've got right now in mind.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005
a big legal fell on me. a big continually harbored ideas of me.

then a classic innovation. then a topographical stop it.

i was many exquisite varieties just before infidelity.

fell on me like research i colored. each path scarcely italian.

golden impertinence in my swaying. garden to gate.

a legal pronounced me & trickled me out from the blooming.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005
what is the place of the world. for two homes far and near.

a jar of t-shirt. some eclectic design. the world's place is

what took over. pattern-making instructions. a special

selection. placed in what world. we run young deer to

the kitchen for salad. is what. as what. a rough crouton.

what is the place of the world. in the poem the place is

i put something in shadow just for cleaning.

seventy-two bucks ninety minutes of desire.

that is the circle i drew. and bent it open for

breathing. i could be whacky but i will contain

it. running away from the i. never meaning to.

signalling. we're pouches of longing to say it.

i made to see. in secrecy.

(also in cases nearsighted and farsighted)

bent to green. the reach occurs.

(plenty of water where the egg falls)

an obelisk of silk. a hurt.

(he's the type you never trust)

at high speed. a sunny spy.

(i mean once it took twice as long)

coded for yr convenience. to see.

(read backwards to catch the definitions)

formal making comes over time. guesses


printed as beasts in a row. adversaries.

(down our wet streets)

faces. found smarter than these.

(than any actually other than this)

are. you.


ahead again. around back.

Monday, July 11, 2005
what prose satisfied i took running. consolation prize

for the conditional. if you care to. deliver my winnings

i'll be home between seven o'two and fourteen of clocks.

love you i still love you and will pretend to say it over.

passing for a family. took my modern section out. dancing.

so so painted grime.

so on the company's tablet.

so into social attitudes. there's

no redeeming some talk.

so governed and defeated.

so from the city's fuddled edge.

so shakespearean at dusk.

so cut from history's gut.

so tense. so authentic.

spartans gorging remember. we're yellow & connected

to torch-lit passages. books make it exciting. to burn o.

now you'll see how thin he is in fact. thinning as oral

heroism. i'm well served. and yr the most extreme case

of spartan gorging. stark in a red frolic. there's time

to burn as family folks. time for you & time for news.

backed up before. backed up & sublet. in the process.

Sunday, July 10, 2005
in the far galleries one color gets us

thinking about arty demolitions. yes

we'll take one in a sack. later there

will be hedonisms. necessary & alive

as our maturity collects around paint.

puddled for a different dancer. we're

waiting at the audience. waiting and

tragic as questions. we're ready to go

as a plain person trying out emergencies i'm

edged in casual silver light. your venus comes over

hardly smart enough but. now my glasses are

shards of inky brightness. splotched and cutting news

wherein the devil takes a pee while i wait.

weren't we all the barriers. cousins in hazmat saying

you can pretty much find everything you need online.

Saturday, July 09, 2005
you must. kneel for the orchestra. the committee

called and asked if you'd. you know. kneel for it.

not that the space between your toes is all that

unique. we've all got it in our family. by kneeling

at the right moment. just when it's most needed.

turn with us. turn to the sky. turn to the voices.

they needed an oratorio. got another jug band.

and were happy to have it. happy and volatile.

hey thanks for exciting. o says a cat on the distance.

writhing up the day. as if a stomach hurt.

marbling extreme feelings. scoured by a new diet.

both on our standard models. what if the sun

never goes away. then what planet gets the goods.

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