Friday, August 12, 2005
the fish the sucker the sap the mark

the wonderful strange the awful the stunned

consuming whole marshes you get a round of drinks

a probably hopeful knucklehead comes married to it

gets the silk cipher back of the garage

gets a lonesome a devious bondage

weeds in muck then a duck and a sorry for the mooch

Thursday, August 11, 2005
what if these careless words abusive practices

precious as translation make us sick we go for

days in governmental shoes looking up old laws

about whimsical tropes stuffing danglers roses

whole river barges with what we said as tumult

made us impatient we'd just yell at these kids

you must have something better to do go suffer

the kisses the sun and history go suck up fate

like life know god by faucets hoses red valves

bookless summers know all time's fake steaming

god i'll say god and then again god for fake a

god and you'll get one in each closet each box

a word of god for each book a string of god's

best bits we can say this without sin because

in the word god we get all wooden parts loose

and jumpy everything we know carelessly as is

a new grammar for startled youth jumping fate

kicks for lighting one for concentration only

just go get some sunshine on your scrawny mug

god will wait while you stretch the day a way

god will sit in the dictionary while you sing

the black night booms the cars go begging gas

my honey been my bee ever since i bit her a--

o gosh suppose they read this far & read this

he said for sake of a rhyme a floral piece in

doubling over marks a plastic rose 19 cents a

pop he bought a dozen for these machines like

roses never weep this just enough high kultur

dropping down blue all exigent in happiness a

book it was a book of saying if not a conceit

about passing god unnoticed on the road a day

in timeless pursuit of night and the next day

who's to say you could not break out this way

Wednesday, August 10, 2005
long as day's brick face goes a god

you in charcoal you in paper. god

in fiction a human temper far hot

as god in. planting in opening up

new stuff from the mail. you in a

plastic wrapper. you in blue ink.

so body. what breath. white salt

sang cold glass. you in tumbling

cars for sailing. you a blue cop

like wind. empty. forced you got

patience. blank you start. god

a something. parting. a hall way.

a step way. a telling a part to

moony workers. in buildings in

droppings you got a sounding ring

a deep tone doom. you in between

rehearsals. you in red places. got

hands for it swinging. got eyes in

all the doors. knowing so far it's

Tuesday, August 09, 2005
bad pome. a. this is

my bad pome mojo.

get out. get up and

out a here. bad one.

go way bad pome a

far way off. go. go.

to sleep. dust. go.

catholic for instance wasn't the only idea but one that

painted yr face. well enough.

failing to progress from the human to the divine as a

trick. used to avoiding mirrors. that self-knowledge slides

away with time. as descent from the great apes delights

a critical sensation. the will to be farther along by now.

were all my errors in a long string if a necklace. say.

that you could have silence if you think.

what could it possibly want. this blind breath. green girls.

blue boys. attached to the bumper like a moral defeat.

silence coming over you. actually

weather-done to death or beauty. this will do for my

transcendant vocation. my rhetorical routine. good as

speaking to the relatively far-flung complications.

still a dance worth the mess.

Monday, August 08, 2005
handed a parcel of contradictions. one of the good collisions

loosened an old tooth for what is found when the old lady

looks at last. here you get a portable wipe-out a delirious

conjugation. for breathing you get a handful of synonyms

for edibles. as in i took the monster dreaming while he sat

so blurry on the cooling range.
these presents get wrapped.

Saturday, August 06, 2005
a project took us a brilliant light. and apart

for flowers. one in the wall where the kids

held it to pieces. the voices all came at once.

like parents. projected up from their work.

in a minute we say it was just less than that.

out of it with meaning that maketh. there for inches

the night as an octangular partner closing. solitude

in from the next science we get. still. out of it with a

blue manifesto that stingeth as a bird's beak hourly.

believe it's outridden ever before the sun we get. if

swift and far better in solids in oranges and greys of

the time it takes to. meaning spinneth heartways to.

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