Friday, August 19, 2005
anthers hush.

okay a turned out blabber.

justice in a gentrified haunt.

what was it you. i wish you wouldn't.

all of this in coffee fresh roses

then a thunderous.

not disgust exactly. boredom

in the small places near the stems.

shadows. what said what said

wake up.

Thursday, August 18, 2005
all right. just calm down. i'm fine. how are you.

we get to peel each fruit from its gorgeous envelope.

which footsteps recognize our voices.

we get english going full speed then slam on the breaks.

a slight pepper of praise all over room 305.

we get lunch in unusual places and then dessert.

doves like luxury cars lined with red

goony creases in their trousers telling

rude fables of low pursuits. there you

said it was going to be unfair. it was

just a perk for having good eyes. we're

the last batallion. driving on oily fumes

crushed from grandmother's prayers.

learn to put one word next to another

to stem the flow down into the dust

Wednesday, August 17, 2005
who you know in the car and see settled

in motion. there and then there. goings

unavoidable and necessary for the range

as dearest and sweet one are needed for

warm nights cold nights and days. funny

how single we stay now that the war has

uttered its hurry up the windows rattle

as the cars go past in scorn. look hard

who inch away to worship pretend ghosts

and actual from the papers. in tolerant

devices. i'm saying this again for your

distant pleasure. who in the car as you

know unsettled. the evening goes on off

Tuesday, August 16, 2005
that in tire. broke n

still an one as a boy

in tire. as a sleeprs

only pieces. still as

lost n groand a list

what would be go a

day that in tire say

here. no news or its

as a blank n dose of

waves of it. still in

Monday, August 15, 2005
the gentlemen hanging

velvet say we are such

in winter in loops of

gathering up. pillars

of abstract. payrolls

of solid state whimsy.

the gentlemen hanging

steadily as urges can

hang. indefinite over

all our reasons. come

home to our senses at

noon late summer day.

welcome in hanging as

one then another hangs

itself any good answer.

Sunday, August 14, 2005
that those with words

that those with titles are worth more than those without

that those on paper between hard boards

that those with the words arranged correctly

that those with the words deranged passionately

that in the basements of old buildings or in their upper rooms

that never in the new

that those thoroughly damp will not burn

that the sun

that those in the sun will prove to be tame

that those as oracles sweat

that those bleeding through cheap paper

that with shelf-worn edges bundled

that those with rules tag along

that those with notes cannot be heard at any frequency

that those breathe sooner or later in pencil

that with fingers the whole world goes round

that those in peace will stutter

that the covers will cover

that those made in hope sometimes

that those of a new practice recall a center in memory

that those were holes we made with our tongues

that it cost more for color

that those were still said

Saturday, August 13, 2005
touched & symmetrical i meet my new faith daily

or meet your doppelganger coming fresh you say

from having shed your oldest skin for the news

beyond which you get sweet dessert and actual

talk of the actual street in an alien essay you

found in the corpse of a palindrome. so there. a

conflict at the center proves the peaceful ends

of us identical in desire like an old car finally

fixed but rough before the primer. metaphysical

even. unnatural the way any idea sits so happy to

be its own damn self and not some other conceit.

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