Monday, September 19, 2005
what put me off. the humming.

your tiny eyes. gratitude. eggs.

blue where there was black. an

inedible itch. instant getting it.

nifty free visions. all kinds of

coughing. the dairy phlegm. the

diary phlegm. oceanic urges or

lacustrine delays. not snarling.

knocking the margins off edges thing-like

i go wrung out and half of me. in a white

car. where'd i find this less perfect ease.

attention to interminable rumor. i'm past

the windows. i get an old obsolete. again

free as my new pants. you and me. as if

Sunday, September 18, 2005
why. unschooled but smart for the day. poor.

i get it junior. yr in the power wash. the fried rush

to a heavy squat. somewhere. a warehouse. ride.

knocked unconscious. cocked and ready. a voice

with teeth. never on paper. a crush of rumor. i

with the startled. the battered ballooning yes.

always alert. for the next sensible connection.

it's easy. waving his hands. an anonymous retreat.

as one of the perfomances leaks the new constitution.

lined up and refusing to become ordinary gerunds

in regular order. active still. the way a wasp sits busy

while the fingernail descends. it's easy to live in fire.

he writes plenty of water into the next part. a blot.

Saturday, September 17, 2005
but i weren't old enough

to take it all delusional.

i were just a beagle

folded into morning.

for the benefit make it good. no indistinct splutter

no bluster no gibber-jabber. tell the cost of it and

refuse to name it. a cutting or a section. condolent

what and what and what. and what and what and.

i crave a square screaking lope. to take the stairs

at their word and climb them. toward an arc-agent

i'd go. inspected and ready. a way to bastard song.

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