Friday, September 30, 2005
i was being for the dilletante a definition

a certain tendency and an ass. infernal a

smartass and a plague engine. a terrific

confusion that never comes down to it.

i was being that when the camera flew.

inside these new stories judging sleeps with conviction.

all these new stories come from mingling mortals.

as these new stories expand we fancy thinner sauce.

the last of these new stories is a rational moron.

these new stories are not the weather we'd organized.

one or two of these new stories were eyesores in doldrums.

what these new stories shock and shimmer will be written.

at last the funding came to kiss these new stories.

as you read notice the dance

it goes pensive as a rock

sedimentary or igneous push

the o pushes across breaths

time in ice. so we stuck still

stressed and showing bitter

each is an army in a deadly

dusk. poetry cornered by a

ghost. sitting in a century.

what sucks is a pome work

deferred for television it

sucks on the tube all hours.

Thursday, September 29, 2005
these things we deal with corner us like old russian art

and we start coughing long rumanian coughs verse by verse

out into the terrible nightliness of radio's irresistible country.

i like the calcified rectitude of your let's call it a smile.

i like it every morning on my hands winding up please & thank you.

which stitch might the soprano remove to perfect my likeliness.

i like an unsettled summit attentive respiration friendly jumping.

these things deal us flat with a slap like new chinese paper.

as the ability to punish. or a knocking that goes on.

here we find a process stumbling on its ruins. trumpets

toward outlandish dovecotes. here's the way firey as

any close country. take the language the local fiber

spun and scratched. beaten. we're nosing around a

critical hole in the argument. we'd said and meant we

had some doubts. flying east and irritable we're prim

but willing to entertain. an urge. we're flexible in ours.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005
sure hold up my rock stage. i got

winter in my eyes for good rockin'

tonight all the dukes whine far &

wee. get it held on the rock stage

surly blue & guilty. physically here

but stretched as ordinary prayers

go on thematically. bruised & bent

she walks. to propose a story. break it.

and breath against a shoulder. elements

of the art finally cornered. linked as states

of undress to genuine feeling. instants

of precious symmetry. and cars on white

roads. wet as oneiric london's bridges.

falling faster and she walks to say more.

all references are static while we sleep

we get versions of old business and north

creeps down malicious and disrespectful

visiting silence with thick mitten material

we get versions of old business and north

suspects an illicit alliance among mistakes

visiting silence with thick mitten material

those who have acted are resting in change

for clambering. write in this forceful space.

juniors and seniors in red beginnings. i'm a

tortoise toward dawn. and. and redundant.

my foot is an anchor you get when you say

Tuesday, September 27, 2005
simpler. and in fashion.

tomorrow for example.

green all in your eyes.

green in all your eyes.

listed and forgotten.

nervous reflection here.

a thin section of adult.

any systematic deviation will heat up or even scorch the penalty.

you understand this as a suspension of the middle-aged man from an arch.

you are not alarmed but will inflict. you are not chastened by dessert.

this above appears unavoidable. as night may singly refute an article of faith.

still in the checkered suit. how still it dances

like an aphid. he's a stolen thought. rose cows

over the ridge come still. in stripes in paisley.

Monday, September 26, 2005
o bad poet cuffs. o badly facile wharf

of insubstantial. bad in. main topics

badly utter o bad margins of basking

o badly vocative. bad in a black mug

badly stung. threadbare. o fearless

bad. mostly monstrous. o bad orphan.

kicked off the team for it. o. bad.

if i was filled up with saying i'd be an acorn. a nature note

to remember what river box. what ruin on a branch. made

me say. you say. it say. a whole range of underappreciated

fright. i was factfilled up with saying. and shook all night.

one meep in a backseat. my backseat's the problem.

a torture of morning. a goodness of cutting signs.

blame me in the backseat. i'm the problem rose red.

collared and nearly infinite. just as a sunray. in.

the backseat. grim plate of unresolved kisses. in me.

Sunday, September 25, 2005
for entomology. the machine of the bug rests. unalert

as a humid pyromania. pure. and there are these spices.

we knew. the hinges fell off

new york or chicago. hot for

days then colder. unqualified

light. incendiary notions or

penetration. one bit more

untaught as in jail. we're

flocking beyond weather.

we're madcap crust. all

hasty for memory. in new

parks ruddy new physiques.

i'm standard issue light.

this month a civil bitterness

then comes a skillful o

we knew you had a doubt

but took pains not to say

it with the kids so near.

Saturday, September 24, 2005
held in the palm of a face. i felt like an animal

lost in the light of an opera. i felt like an animal

lying toward a crooked hour. i felt like an animal

in the sunhard mountain ruin. i felt like an animal

trippy in a busted world. i felt like an animal

fogged for the dummy. i felt like an animal

sharpened shaped and shuddered. an animal

i felt like an animal in old clothes. i felt like an

animal rushing home blunt as a guess. an animal

twisted for the new circus video. i felt like

an animal. longer than history. tougher than an

animal cold in false whiskers. i felt like an animal

dizzy and faultless up high. i felt like an animal

pinched all night. i felt like an animal on the lam.

an animal in all my habits. i felt like an animal

in love. my shoes all over the sky. i felt like an

animal acrobat. an animal glacier. i felt animals

tantamount to arson. crisp on one side. i felt

like an animal like an animal i felt like an animal

for your stillness your silence. all for your love.

that you can't find your way back or out of these new wings.

that you'd like to apologize and be forgiven. please.

because no one has your classes. your uncommon. your as.

because there's a farmer's market in the old wing.

and no more friends. the fear as. no more friends ever.

and a small matter of money and what you might require.

sooner or later you read enough and open. a puzzle to.

sooner or later a flight of mad characters. though a flash.

than a good sleep. here. why the halls are bent over themselves.

gripping the wrong when an army in cold harbors. reasons

for running for perpetual calling. that you're unending

light and the work is enough. is a last wooden storm.

that the style is strung into clumsiness. that silent.

that silent dispatch. that you waited for news all night.

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