finish your phrase

index of first lines 2003
index of first lines 2004

number = week of composition
1 = week one (1 jan 05)

1) neurasthenia. forged of paper. an elbow freak. 11
100) some 4
2. for boxes. in a poem. these articles. an 12
2 more 47

abandoned on the sures. uncertain. still 7
a big legal fell on me. a big continually harbored ideas of me. 28
about finding in saying the corners the next reason. 17
about objects in my time they trip me. 29
about the whale wasn't it a fatal engine. sure. 6
absent. or from anyone else. one or twenty-three. 3
achilles at poolside surrendering all arms. a good thing 11
across the body. grains in mine. as of ideas. 12
actual intentional study of oneself in the moment 36
addled confidence. was a long take this. city. 28
add the dry ponder. argument flowers. 6
a deer goes two birds. a bird goes a glove. 16
a deficient martyrology. lacking condiments. 18
affairs of the minute. this isn't rolling. now 42
affix the stamp. it hurts but just 41
a finical moment. were the hawks done with shadows. 14
a foot of me in green is enough but a yard's too 6
After Re-Binding an Old Copy of Lyrical Ballads, I Find Myself 37
a little more vibrato there for cousins. 6
all about shoes on a wet day. their discussion 2
all for the sake of. new things 6
all references are static while we sleep 39
all references are static while we sleep 44
all right. just calm down. i'm fine. how are you. 33
all six saints moved piecemeal 29
all this to see at last. he is talking in code. 23
almost sarcastic enough to blear any sympathy. 43
a love poet without the time. 25
also farther. in such. which is quiet enough 34
always resisting the sentimental. sometimes 41
a marble box. i put you in full throttle. 7
a maze-like modernity. o. it walks with me. and it talks with me. it 21
a minch in the traces
. was he said. 2
an actual shining. a dress for whispering. 9
an aluminum wow. as only 11 gods lovingly liked. 10
an arm for the romantic course. a blanket. 6
and a ghost for the river. still over. this. 8
and a hurt will come sooner or. a hurt will face me broken over 20
and good and terrible ... stillness 51
and having written such shamefulness there's nowhere 16
and made the play the was 20
and might refuse to recognize their own children. 25
and mortar as a wall makes me. there. said 17
an impertinent shape. i go reeling 34
a notorious tableaux 44
anthers hush. 33
anyone can see these are the ones they threw out. 45
anyone looking into meanness sees one like everyone. 49
any systematic deviation will heat up or even scorch the penalty. 39
a pretty fast crowd. and sliced 26
a pretty nice coat. nobody recognizes. 43
a project took us a brilliant light. and apart 32
a random hushing takes me far as the walk 44
are my guts like this. a long grey pipe and tiny men 29
are these not what. not how for now. 31
are you working flatness still. sure you are. 25
arguably a crime-scene particular. this skein of religion 2
arguably epic. and yet hedonistic proportions 9
arms attached to a tricycle. legs far deeper 12
a rocky feast. compassionate. as willows. each 13
art's champion of the cornered road. harsh tree of jackets. 30
as a margin i'm on fire. prizes coming from all directions. 50
as a plain person trying out emergencies i'm 28
as daydreaming flays me but not you. you go out 17
as for restraint. here's a forgotten something 2
as funny as counting my wit. it goes off & nothing bleeds 22
as if to stump any outrage. there weren't enough 47
as in i haven't thought any of this before 18
asking how far to lunch or the point. 41
asking me. as if i said here's the way. it goes open 11
as offices we are required. please detach the colander 43
as often something comes wrapped. takes off 48
as one jellyfish to the ocean. real language 41
assorted presentations on the williams family. bitter tired 21
assume the self. a dreamed doubtlessness. 42
as the ability to punish. or a knocking that goes on. 39
as the formation fails to melt it seizes. 7
as untitled. for your inconvenience. put it anywhere. here will do. 47
as we go on something like this is certain. as going 34
as you couldn't hold your own. or cancel this talk. 4
as you read notice the dance 39
at hazard 26
at large is futile. what looks like 6
at least an artifact. all that at least. 1
a willow difficulty. and a head sprung for 43
a zero flower. a something porch. 1

back. when i was a morning. and you were the trout in me. 2
badness of the moment. here's a bad. and a bad one. 24
bad pome. a. this is 32
barricades of inklings. file under my cute. 45
beat the predictable. beat it to hell while 22
because i didn't see any of this 1
before. a so. at all. 16
being many and singular is a trouble i volunteer for you. 25
being witty. i learned a new fruit. i backed off 14
bejiggered or then tottered for swooping 27
be running bach. no pun. he fingers go 12
better cannibals. that need some. and have been 10
better quiet than true. or maybe 14
better to say this is empty. at least yr swimming. 13
better to stop. just stop it. stop in the center. 42
blanking stark red ... going to general ... 50
bombast. bombastic. bomba. bombe. bombest. 1
boys that are smart know 21
boys. will 9
bug on me. 31
but first. he got no style. us in the windows we got 20
but for the sand in shoes and the redding. 21
but i don't want you writing like me as if 43
but i moved toward the lie that understood our need 52
but i wasn't singing did you think 6
but i weren't old enough 38
but my mental illness is a crystal tarp. and tastes like 28
by time nothing's made. and grows 11

can china matter when we have a headache. can it 7
can't you talk like a human. under a blue sky in happiness 26
cardiac on dry land. says to the hole. 4
catholic for instance wasn't the only idea but one that 32
causes a third family home ignition. the old 5
change of. or disagreement in mind. open 1
check the weather for words ... small pressures 52
choosing the opposite. seems less never more. 23
claims a freshet through high sulfurgrass. look out. 1
coming for foots of it. cinders as reasons. 5
complex and intellectual ... chickens in a pan 51
contains a particular narrative thread ... concerned 51
cornered in whispers as hawk-fallen sparks. 22
could we batter it with our goodness. obscure 49
counting's for strong horses. my bills undone. 17
course joe strummer had it. and shut past the door. 13

day to day. not as right as a. say. brook. 5
dealing hard numbers. just in time for the bogus division. 9
diagonally toward the light. which could be god. 45
did you think it was for your improvement. 14
Disabled for the Moment by an Unexpected Succulence, 37
diverse and unseen we first ask you to place 41
do not in yr homely. style or text. excuse a prayer as a request. 21
don't babble (desk puppet lovely ladies). don't clink 24
doves like luxury cars lined with red 33
driving you away. my fodder listens to the chirping you make 20
duly. a monster. seeks literal passages 1
dx describing art commences at ten lps 27

ended quarrelsome wanting a glance of whiling. 24
enticer. they struggled to conquer. an effortless storyteller. 10
ever been slung back to the page. a cat said 8
everything was 45
excuse it before we save it. we're 5
excuse me there's a sameness. subtle & founded in 1903. 18
excuses hardly ever produce effects equivalent 36
exhausted white by day ... troubling as an offense ... 52
exhorted and finally described as an archer in advance. 29
exhuberance as pronounced in mandarin ink 7

far. a signal of this orbit i'm just one edge. 48
far from stopping the rectangular 29
far from stories. intending to stay 35
fate was out to get him.
i hated that 1
feels as one the pressure to 41
fervently ancillary productions. an opera in an act. 42
fifty romance. good lesson for interest. 18
finder in ashes. in horizons gone white. 31
finding 24
finding every fingertip ... irrelevant ... a grotesque inflatable 50
fire in the mishap 46
flat wordly song my profanity. 44
foot fleet. aim true. 43
for clambering. write in this forceful space. 39
foreign as a line. cold cord. mine in confusing 15
for entomology. the machine of the bug rests. unalert 39
for example the exit mistaken for an aspirin. 27
for faster coffins. inamorati rethinking the position of hands. 47
forgive it. give it a chance. 15
forgot my horn thus it. any finger. any thought. 21
for his first ideogram. below the waterline. a vast pathos. 17
for if i read it might stick to me mixed in my good form. 30
for isn't the part ... right there ... most loved seasons 52
for offending my kabuki decade. i get teachings & 22
for pushing hard all thumbs & words. this minor act 20
for stagecraft. and a voice. for going out and back. 16
for street cred he never knew anybody and forgot 11
for the benefit make it good. no indistinct splutter 38
for the best stop. for laughing out of mind. 6
for winks like an octopus and freely. containing 12
forze del handbook. heaven. a screenplay. 42
fractured my life for itself. a dose of reliable habitual science. 24
funny book in the belly of the saint. i bought it for a buck. 27
fun produces a surplus of nervous 7

gainsay the spiritual porridge. to enervate geography 2
gare st. gardens. taking my hands over 1
get my legislature all a rest. i'm nice 30
god's mind. no dice. place and time. 13
go further to apologize go nicer 25
good advice in a corrupt moment. caught me off 17
good gruel for you. you get hinges & mysteries. 14
gorging beyond the neurotic. going full. into it 16
gradually murdered by dollars in discrete bits. 25
gray hammer blues. my enigmatic. invisible. 15
groomed. mattiasdottir's cat. as fingers say. 4
guess what i meant and get a vocabulary of oneiric strings 49
guess what i'm thinking. 40
guests must be 18 or older. so prescribe victory. 25

handed a parcel of contradictions. one of the good collisions 32
handling fifty-five in one. 43
Happening on a Section of Bleating Blue Stars, I Think 37
hard by the gallery they took me. drove my tense 42
harden as a sea falls. what he said happened. 15
hardly a word the body bears it as contagion. 27
hardly the ring. the stick of thorn. 15
hard on the fleur this teaching. i'll fix you grandly. 17
hard to tell one's greatest black & white 31
harsh to say. you've seen the most. i can do 2
hat lore. and without one i'm celebrating. 18
have received any. haven't joined. 16
heard in place of. these tricky violent gaps. 7
hearted 47
he gives. an utter. an eye 11
heister in the act of most sincerely. taking god's word 18
held in the palm of a face. i felt like an animal 39
help us. as we. scuttle the niche. 14
here it's happening. buzz 27
here's history. 4
here's our cathode god gone looney. 12
her infrequently named birds assume a disguise. 49
heroical proscriptions frighten us. bore us. we will jump 3
he says passing and cornering the rocket. 46
he talk funny 26
he turns this way. a reading crane constructing. 45
he walks into the play with Awakening. 47
he want a lost poet. and whole sentence 34
hey thanks for exciting. o says a cat on the distance. 28
hired for patrol. he must do. alone. going on to 29
his own failing or the entourage. these relations pick 5
hole opens & i mutter in watercolor. do something. 22
house of dread america. this is art. 41
how far and which side these corrosive additions 35
how far was i wintering ... with pockets full of cash ... 50
how hard he hit. like a peg in a sure spot. 34
how long it would go. it being this and would concerning 3
how many unsorted at last. as the permanent backbone 44
how persistent. what you play with bumpers. 5
how saying comes on. what was i thinking what 48
how the male picture holder sways. how the male 3
how there can be. how there 25
how. upsets us when i. went for scruffy blue 4
hugo put his bricks around. night. the human 8
hushed the edges. better than thy stroke. the center 8

i am being difficult on purpose because you are the 18
i ardent & shining far like a star something. heaving. 20
i. a repeater as. impossible. turning with chocolate. 3
i conformed a certain way in this omission down lake street. 41
i cornered a rock. vertical handed. up on it. 17
i'd been typical and full 14
i'd go for days without the world. horses never knew any 30
i didn't. it was talent broke in. took 34
i dint now anybody. so bigges dragons much aint 2
i don't do any of that but anxious. but yellow yes. 16
i don't know. it's ordinary 42
i don't know you might put signs 41
if dew was just shadow. where i put my good copy. 8
if i'd had a story to tell i'd have ground 19
if i did it in sleep it would be farther and more actual. 20
if i had to steal a word from your construction 34
if i knew a story. i'd need a few lines. and 2
if i'm forgotten before i've been written 16
if in my comic zeros line up for a dance i won't give them 17
if i took the sweatshirt, i'd be more comfortable now. 46
if i wanted 14
if i was filled up with saying i'd be an acorn. a nature note 39
if i were a china the old snow. arbitrary cuts. you mock 17
if i weren't william butler yeats i'd be in a heap of trouble. 8
if on a verse of mayakovsky you find a fly. 11
i fool that poem. it was real stupid. i put that poem 4
if there's no good in the electrical. it's dawn 20
if this is the kind of thing you like jump me 44
if this was what he was. i read it out loud
if you'd asked me to have an idea i'd have flopped 17
if yr looking for it. come on over. 18
i made to see. in secrecy. 28
imagine over enough time. it accumulates a language. 16
imagine whole bricks of it. i'm selling whole heavy 19
i meant a delivery from all such. so i surrounded 8
i'm gonna go home and i'm gonna get a yearbook. 12
immature to. break off. like a startled animal. 15
i'm quite scarey now actually. pin my tie back. 22
i'm still made of ground. i'm the rules. 2
i'm the matter with coming back from the edge of a given name. 30
i'm working toward a path you'd walk any day 43
i'm your teenage. an effect in joining the foray. 1
in 48
... in a cafeteria means more or less coffee. 5
inaccessible is not the same as access denied. 45
in a pot of portulaca the sun took us for students. 17
inattention combines with a blossoming bee. there 24
individually we were more young and stupid than some groups. 45
in it without the obscenities please. whose ideas 22
in literature you can't refuse. you can't say the same 18
in old ... tangled ... not sure which ... 51
in place there's a book open. whose. is frozen when the book 15
inside my harms standing entire as heaven. 41
inside these new stories judging sleeps with conviction. 39
intelligent. so tell me. what ruse 6
in that there's no such thing as. bird. i'll activate 19
in the abstract i turned off all three colors. 29
in the amalgam i found a crude picture of a dog. 44
in the far galleries one color gets us 28
in the picture you forgot. put by the radiator where 5
in the songs of twelve brothers every line is a first line. 29
in which we find only turning away. 13
i parked i forgot where i parked i parked 17
i put something in shadow just for cleaning. 28
i rose not a difficulty. safe. as a fat player 3
isn't a projected face as an extended arm a gaze 19
is this competent work. a courier falling down. 34
is this explanation adequate and effective. 42
is this finally not the plasticized rain 7
is today the central. pebble. in strings of sentiment. 13
i stopped eating shrimp when someone called them sea-spiders. 45
i swallow their sentence ... it took me all of a life ... spider- 51
i take my end from none of this. line 17
i taught the book its theme on the water's even edge. 5
it does get to be pretty boring. as an assent 6
it couldn't be the newness. mustn't be for stale. 21
I Tell You It's a Sestina, and You 37
item more ink. bothers me 2
it makes it sound like an i 30
it must in a circle we've etched on the guess. 41
i took my discipline out to play. it cornered 7
it's easy to make beauty pretending a wrench maybe a fork 52
it's easy to obscure you to make fun of my hands 49
it's easy. waving his hands. an anonymous retreat. 38
it's good i was so little smart. thrown out. 8
it shouldn't be boring enough. but more shocking than. 3
it's not different to pose the divine and get back change. 43
it sounds like you know he understands. 45
it tied to words you got free 26
it was language put me. alongside the place 8
it was my privilege that got suspicious under voices. you hear me. 21
it wasn't the business i was weaving out of thinking 5
i was being for the dilletante a definition 39
i was continual. presently chocolate foil. that means. 4
i was making an astonishment when in burst roger 43
i was never about it. i was about then dragging 15
i will build it blankly. 21
i will have said in looking down 9
i willingly as in combinations rude and delirious 44
i will resume in sentences. meaning. if you seek it. 17
i wished the poem into its puzzle. meant it from the north. 48
i would like to remove my eyes from it and build a gray sentence. 42
i wouldn't wait in a hospital whimsy. you could 5
i wrote it stumbling fast. for your nuisance. 18

journal note ... what are those 50
Just After 'o sandrine in minisma,' I Felt
just before saving day. the road there's poem. 44
Just Feeling Humane and Earnest, I Write a Poem
just fingers going. up. that's all. 7
just stop. it so unhealthy and disturbing the flock. 20
just yr standards there. trying in hot sun to be deviant as hell. 23

kissing. you were this argument. a pattern 1
knocking pleases the deep impersonal. presumption. 2
knocking the margins off edges thing-like 38

lacking some fluid. spring 30
laugh it trout. long as yr up fins. find me 5
left us guessing. nothing to these 45
let me take some time to. let you resurface. let them. 4
let three wasps stand for a serious endeavor. let the flowers 25
like. in building an enriched vocabulary we get 36
like some big. time or. woman or. maybe the sea. 46
like south of the border but not mexico city 16
line-cut trees in drama 49
little bricks. has it so hottest. 3
listed and. proposed as hot crime. denied. 6
living in one snake. isn't this what you meant. 13
long as day's brick face goes a god 32
look the marsupial took it back. on the sly. 15
love. locally or imprinted and sent 45
luxuriant. virtuous & vertical as 20

made a fiction when i said. 50
made at last by a not very smart engineer to go. it goes 20
magine being taught. a beige ocean. by machines 3
mailing maps to keep the catholics flowing. and losing the first 10
make a mistake & again in voice. 24
making messes. floors and ears. it saves what 1
making my canadian bucks go. barging into some poets so 24
mandarin 35
mannered. see. i carved it from an old stump. 44
many such secrets as a distant honking 45
maps that the other night were walking 23
marching somewhere with the stupid girl who doesn't wear tights. 11
marked for the cascando. trailing a bogus floral verbing. 5
marked influence. anxiety of a puddle. a done one. 3
marked me earnest and took her nervy slanders comical 50
marsh. stump. 14
masted as bad art in a gale. there you have it. 34
matter of fact this moving was a stirring not 22
maybe handles. maybe a deep red morning. can't you over- 19
mere surface for diving sounds 30
mine in politics stirs a filament of concern. i'm writing 11
minimally carded ... carded at the lower edge of cardage 51
mirror pushed into the hole. 9
miss. 48
missing art for knowing suddenly anything. 36
more imagination. then it stops for a while. 7
more of me in the rude boat. hook out sun dead. 4
mostly slang. for pm;u. only. we get a snickers 3
most understand the ripe pear is a maple. as 43
most would be better off 40
my channel flipping gets to watching horses. look they make waves 12
my character explains. sorting buttons is. 5
my fish you face 40
my gauge. o assassinate the chicken's pyjama suit 48
my imagery's like a charmed circle. & more potent than fact. 21
my lean torments any. as song gives trembling 20
my mediocrity. is mine but welling up from a 8
my midwest of foupaws and dry roses. took all 8
my old. my recorded. my next. 7
my only good writer has a logical humor. convey the good writer's 20
my political digital material ... exposed ... 52
my precious. one. i put you all over in pieces. on purpose. 18
my psychic. my ontological perversely to be 9
my psychological. is my ontological stuckness in a. 9
my sir seizing. is that the ocean coming up. 16
my so-called minority reasons backward to hell. 10
my strings and i were saving for jazz. 11
my thinking. in socks every day. manages 24
my turned back. or 3

naked lines as nineteenth century carpets. 29
nestling & deranged. on the clock. 2
next it must come. faster in the naval museum. 21
next to boys gone all soldiery ... of laughable intensity ... 52
nicely. learning to participate in the angel. 15
nicely. through the performance. into gradual retrospect. 10
no code for the inserts. just an elegance 2
no doors the only windows unsocial the paint 5
no for access it tells me a crucial 18
no. im. parchment. two foul slanders correct 3
no inflexible rule 15
no lines from work today. a potted fix gets me. 28
no more my secret stash. in full sun troubling 11
non non. you say. 41
no promising going on. no bursts of deviant hopefulness. 8
no reason to talk about the thirsty way we get in books. 12
no sooner had i found 48
not a good. but a mild 19
not a touchtone but a princess. 7
nothing of tin usefulness. a thirst for mine. injustice 19
not song enough to breathe. not shimmer to grovel. 31
not that i'm a surface. but certainly. 15
not that the grubby moon understands. 36
not this world the other curls. seventeenth 16
not wanting. a snipe. in your purse. 42
now as a harness ... looking toward the stump ... spring 51
now that settled. us. you can't 22
now we need a series. a tool of them. 6

o 8
o bad poet cuffs. o badly facile wharf 39
odds edges. i a soph. 6
of which work we'd never expected 40
o heart. piano. every room is brilliant you 22
ok ... put temperatures in ... not brand names ... 43
o. let me tell you. for a minute. about 3
o man you busted my orrery. just when i 1
one cloud one eye 36
one fainting robin 50
one. is. next. is. 16
one meep in a backseat. my backseat's the problem. 39
one might feel unable to tell the stories. 25
one of these in so many. taking its time. it's time 23
one's a fragile shattery. one's a freak impervious. 40
one trick to fifteen for rushing over. he needs kleenex 36
on sorrow to go rudely... my condition takes one... 17
o. o. i forgot to sing. 35
optical distortion snow equivalent ... to 52
or 35
or as blistering. settling commerce to the task. 1
ordinary technologies' mirage. put my foot in one and went. 10
or i can do two or more 41
or it is all magic in suspense. you can imagine us 13
or read reeves as receives and open a world. 42
or sweety hold this. just for a. which succeeds 4
or with broken bones. in my chinese clothes. 12
other than stuttering. it's an open question. 7
our most royal incomprehensible. as when for president 12
out of bought time 5
out of iron for the doing for now. as cotton will do you. think 31
out of it with meaning that maketh. there for inches 32
out of what you know. or any of us. in the most 17
Overblown by a Host of Imperial Contradictions, I Reminisce 37

pardoned as. my sentimental. my fort. 9
pardon in the laughter. landscape freedom merges 10
parking for parched men. some good in a lariat 24
parsed by a sudden sidewalk whose knife. 15
pending disappearances as. fog. 20
people who cannot pay. learning 29
plain white cupboards coming. pigtails and no characters. 24
plush as a starling. notorious vigils
polka mama far off in the lethe. rearrangements all welcome. 17
postered as a guest ... breathing in this window ... now 52
potted potted plant potted calamity. 34
poured into my digging. my massed inventive. 18
pretending to be difficult. the old way was a lie. 3
pretty soon in pieces. 27
profusion wasn't necessary but welcome. 7
protected me for a few days but sooner then 45
pushes for rainy halls. there in the openings 35
pushing too hard as forgetful. doorbells gone all christian. 20
put just but words you get putting words 3

queasy enough to initiate imagination. how blue 15
quenched for example by a doorbell. 31
quotas blot me. time's green spike. 6

reaching the world. that made me poor. a quantity 3
reading got ok. if. the only trumpet. 4
read too much of & 20
really wasn't i in a tangle. the whole room quiet 34
recycling song urges anyone to have it. 35
remember to put... the lifesaver next to the car keys. in peru 10
remind me where farmers went 30
riding away from these shadows and this menace who 15
rivalry as a jumped up hour. it took me trouble. 7
rotten measure didn't you couldn't you clip it. 29
run precious little one. to a new mephistopheles. misery- 4
rustling to crack the wall. and begging for it. 17

saxophone barks. 29
say a black branch but in this light 45
say arthur. and say arthurian. say author. say book. 46
saying things is nice but what do you want 26
say it the way recap- 42
say light pink you can't see. 26
scuttled for losing his orphan voice. he's a pan 45
see this is why you shouldn't go benign. 14
seizing holes o. twinish. o seizing holes. 44
seizure knocks me into a traveller. a single abyss. 10
selected the inner lunch of adequate low fat ... 50
self slander. you. there wanted. 6
separate these ones here. 26
seven or eight blind guys born like fish. 50
she's on weightwatchers and she weighs a hundred and five pounds. 46
she walks. to propose a story. break it. 39
shooting one's self in the. foot. a malodorous ordinary. 12
shows an open frame. you wouldn't need a dictionary 13
simpler. and in fashion. 39
simples and sorrows believe me who's. books come flying 10
simply. how the parched green. got. 26
small pur- 23
small saints. i picked you for my pocket. 29
so far as. since ever this. this is an. 7
so for luminous parents let's dangle from trees in full sun 27
so i was selected trying to be important coming down with an epiphany. 23
so joliet joliet anchors and encores a bunch 48
so long as you avoid. you know the saying. its not time. 4
so many angry kids underground. we told them 7
some bad coming through as a personal wind. 5
some eating. mostly eaten on traceries of the stomach 19
some go ugly right from the start. 48
some pecking through the former window. 23
sometimes i forget the good bits. how they get. 30
sometimes i write one 47
so much is road. put yr cigarette over here. 23
soon. a sumatran barcode set me going. then 46
so quiet. as. or. 16
so smash. staple my fingers to my lips. there. 4
so so painted grime. 28
so sorry to be. set up. of all punks still hungry 28
so the only describes an absorption. my factor 31
so this saying stands for my spoon of ice. 28
so to push children. into next and next for 2
so right yr own kiss on stone. shopping 23
spartans gorging remember. we're yellow & connected 28
spiral blossoms from the locust or 23
spoken low. affectional. poison o 5
Standing on The Edge in All Likelihood, I Hear a Dog 37
starry ways. a glum parking din. and i'm drilling quarters 11
steelworker ... tainted tap water ... my baby's gone i 51
steering hard. toward all the white people. 27
still 14
still carry me cataleptical. overdone in a red tie. 18
still getting served after all this archeology. the passing 18
still in the checkered suit. how still it dances 39
still. troubled by a crude aboutness i stitched. 44
stop hammering brightly or roosting. 1
string string string knot string. for starters. 19
stuck to the metal furniture. puts me in mind to sing of love. 10
sturgeon stuck. throat merging with. furnaces. 8
suffering in the close shadows one picks up 34
suffer the exhibit. 45
suppose you need. but which call comes in 22
sure hold up my rock stage. i got 39
sure the table winces. the tale goes. under the cup. 13
surfaced and scoured this is the temperature. 27
sustaining civilization itself. my isn't. going on. 17
swallowing the pursuit of adventure we get scorpions up 25

taken to prayer. whose pedagogy stutters. 14
takes us away from this central concern. as if abe's 31
tanning piecemeal. we resemble these opportunistic melodramas 21
targets in combination. i'm flopped in a version of this day. 19
target. will this finish a woman. married into the desert 22
taste should go for long stretches of falling away. 18
tea with paintings in the style of keith haring. 27
technically not a hack but facing there comes 8
telling surfaces. now for the tribal courses. fire in delicacy. 18
tenor sax on the increment suffer the old appliance. 3
test. or if he killed someone. action pulse. 3
that entry ... supposed the fair way ... dormers and gloom ... 42
that. implied as calling a people beautiful. 36
that in tire. broke n 33
that i only listen. you talk like a human 11
that line. what am i chopped liver. what as a noun turning out 7
that needs a flat surface for its purposes. 19
that one pose you take ... full of consonants ... bitten 51
that those with words 33
that to have fallen 31
that was grammar with resurrections. more dangerous 8
that when you becomes if not a lie 6
that you can take what you find. as 1st principle 22
that you can't find your way back or out of these new wings. 39
the best of it. here. a vaguery & 21
the book i bought as distinct from 29
the common good 26
the fish the sucker the sap the mark 32
the folk. the tiny hard stone. 36
the gentlemen hanging 33
the hookahs of our youth in crazy world took all the fury. 6
the intimidated at half an ounce. weren't drawling well 21
the kid who could dance could dance 7
then description. marked me as a start before 17
then. in an inch of books we're muddled for good 35
the norris function. as an eclipse. at zenith or 3
then stringing a caution across my illogical 23
the present object measures me. in twos 7
the project vague as the members. walk for the wall. 30
the problem is you do it every day. it is what love 18
there aren't any trains. there are no trains. 9
there are places to go for song. white 14
there are worse kinds of purely rhetorical abuse. 27
there must be an immorality for stopping 40
there will be poetry analysis on the state tests next month and they need to practice. 11
the same. what i read took off from was it dallas. 42
these are neither memories nor perceptions. 29
these fictions itch in summer. you look like a persistent 34
these rivers painting us formally ... say ... these 52
these things we deal with corner us like old russian art 39
the work requests. what you couldn't know & 17
they are none in truth. none in a blasted virtue. 9
they left the museum in the car 8
they will get so indefensible. they will shudder 24
thickened versus ruined. gone versus driven. 10
thick white paint cracked ... dirty ... animals for food ... 51
thinking about spiritual things and then. 8
this apparently dim 46
this church can't be said without. 23
this daily writer's rawness bothers me. 43
this goes click. a thin rara avis 40
this heavy. as half a 27
this is a poem about a woman who loses 48
this is just 48
this man in a metallic braincap says he's kin to a once-powerful 20
this polychrome maze continues to exert a beautiful. 20
this should convince you to put on your boots. the swamp 13
this state of mind 46
this thing my life seems so immense. as part 26
this type butterfly. reckless in courtesy. 30
thou in seven 43
time is what. you. is aces kids. is powerful juice. 25
time to reason what happened to my godlike hands 31
to big of words. since he lost. & really read 22
to convince my catastrophe. i'm a sleepy town. 21
to forgetting ... then to the switches worked as fingers ... 51
to harp. o my god it's really hot. that's ok. 2
to have lost the way understanding that others slink 44
tolerant sun. there i said it. now let's move on. 9
tolerant to the farthest point ... a bird goes 50
took me forever to think of this. think of us 42
took up with a graphic designer whose passion for damp public libraries 47
too. there's a long question about integrity 7
to presume to become one of the natives. no 12
tore. torn. tored from the high helplessness. 5
tornado forces the midwest of one. spits out time. 26
torn from the idea of a class. the clacker block. 7
to start without the subject ... there ... a sweet green capsule 50
to take it then. as if. why anyone can put it 30
to thin lively pictures 48
touched & symmetrical i meet my new faith daily 33
tricked in the public display of. an exhibition 9
trilling as a place in the tongue we need. as 9
turn away from these fictions. talk like a regular person. 44
turned back the cornet stopper that's me. going 4
turns me to the foreign beach a goon. these peaceful noons. 13
turns out it's old-fashioned unnecessary. seems the horn 4
two dark deer in the weave of saying ... an arm 52
two of them. 14
two sneezing wildly in the next room. for anecdotes now. 13
type of struggle. type of. germane conscience. 42

uncarefully unstitched. to ruin of fingers 16
understanding the wild polished surface we're standing in 49
understand this one bird. & you never will 20
undertaken. as a terrific distraction and symphonic 19
universal & bewildered as truth. horrible facts 23
unstrung or. 42
unthreatening and placid without the pointing 48
utter 48

veering for a headache into no headache. 23

wagering on the outpouring 24
waggles for the proletarian muse.
this category 9
Walking Happily toward the Regard of Others, I Drop 37
walking i'm a vow to walk. a legged retina. not rhetorical 18
wasn't it for pockets of subjects that we belly up to saying. 22
wasn't old hands for. dinner 1
was solace. silence. blooming in the noises. 2
was the real hurtling past was it undressing. 48
watching ... one who acts for another ... sad agate smashing 43
watching the slats you get a fresher light. 49
we bored in 49
we broke in the shrieking. a cartoon of the middle age. 36
we knew. the hinges fell off 39
welcome wind. even dust for example as 23
well come in. i are not eating itself for morning 22
well he's out there in the language stalking praise. 48
well i ain't gonna worry about it. you believe that 46
Well, I Wasn't Going Anywhere Tonight Anyway 37
well that was exciting. weren't you among the excited there. 4
well you are not 48
we're abandoning wood. abandoned in 40
we're starting to say hello. our jaws and our lights. 36
we're still a war. we're a war still. i forgot 22
western Capitalization. And Urgently freely Done beCause 13
we used a language they wouldn't understand. hell 8
we've got seventeen minutes for staking 12
what a poem moves. a crated an urged 36
what beard. stray cur. 2
what gud. what brightnesses in earnest 16
what head 49
what he say. go round. a stinger. 7
what hiccup. 43
what i don't know should inflate my silent gymnasium. rattle echoes. 23
what if these careless words abusive practices 32
what i in the road go trying. what i go trying along 16
what i meant coming over. you understand. i was precious 44
what in 35
what is not so already worn 36
what is the place of the world. for two homes far and near. 28
what is this. arterial. angelical. dynamic 5
what little in my human throat why 24
what loss last night by an inch an itch. 44
what love the reading implies for yr own making. 23
what prose satisfied i took running. consolation prize 28
what put me off. the humming. 38
what's a saxophone. in here for tears. 7
what's french for getting your singing done in french. 8
what's happened to the rubber stamp of the grin 27
what silk as the harridan passes. what a cough. 5
what tedium carted this out to the curb and said 18
what the bodies say when we lay them out 12
what the world is for. the word. is for itself. 4
what trouble watches days and nights. 48
what was bad drug us down for all morning. 41
what we do in illinois is we 19
what what it. took me for a sonnet. i was snoring. 2
what woe which tract of sour temper. 36
what worded woods. the game takes me far 35
what word is 45
what works in a circus goes for changes or 8
what you do with a sluggery moment. sludge for the people 4
what you were looking for. there was too much. expectation. 13
when do they stop being terrible fledgling tongue-sprockets. 27
when it begins you keep guessing. 9
when i want some other 50
when mother pines blonde and her baby suffers. 18
when theory. long nails and bravery in pastoral seethings. 21
where 14
where i'm unpublished finally. as the saying goes 47
where the line went. the preface took mine. 2
Where Were You When I Tappped the Bottom of the Bowl 37
which animal you get to be. waning in nature. 12
which came up and demanded any other coming up. 13
which comes down to blessing what 40
which comic devices. do you think. 14
which furthers in plasma a brittle hush. 7
which life symphony with all it's edges tucked in 12
which niche. let's puff toward it mouthing 35
which parts have been overlooked. 30
which real. the real. there. 34
which thing in the world this is calling. 16
which ugliness fishes out of the bank. 41
which words no body says. outside 29
while the field seizes a mutt. consider 23
whimsy with blueberries. all unsold books must be eaten. 22
white hole. 26
who falls if the rut is a precipice. 15
who gets to read will assign a quarter of the life 16
who having no idea 50
who he is on a string. a deception that breathes 45
who. he serves without credentials and picks fitness 6
whole blocks of light called stone 47
who picked. and slid the desk's ugly song ugly 16
who picked. and slid the desk's ugly voice ugly 16
who says quite. teacher. and lovely. no one. 10
whose giddy Peninsula 50
whose lichen punched mine. i'm in a green simmer. 1
whose like crying at the paper cup. it was coffee 2
whose real poet took walks. inside quiet machinery. 43
who showed up 26
who you know in the car and see settled 33
why don't the world. furniture. plainly spoke 44
why i missed 20
why keep writing martyr in yr head. an arguably innocent 22
why late for the guess. i took it by mistake & couldn't 18
why not say yr meanings in a row. tick them off. 15
why some why not a why not hungry 35
why they all begin with w. or i. or s. 2
why. unschooled but smart for the day. poor. 38
why wishes him. but promised 43
why works ... its regal notion batters 49
why would any one do this. 6
wise angles. i'm in the middle of the street that's yellow 26
wishing for a gap. a hole in the language tics. 22
with hands so small to never play the piano. 22
with less than five minutes talking that 48
with my hatchet preventing the very thing. 3
with the actual real carnival. i'm prepared to say 14
without a red-headed one in it. it isn't hungry. but sly. 21
without a verb a good look. yes an urge 13
without me saying they rush in and they 35
wizened and tardy among wooden cats or figures 18
wonder that. maroon numbers hit yr head for bruises. 23
word it so the glop drops off. 8
word supported grandmothers. their rough trek to mountains 5
worth less 50
would have thought that. the event of having. 7
wrong about sinking. days and days of prematurity 24

x as i am the boor the ferret at the foggy window. 30
x enamoured. by silent particles we trestle. time. 2

yesterday is valentine. it means and. 7
you aren't smart enough yet. still. come back 16
you are supposed to follow your caterpillar. don't
you. a water-linked paragraph as my hand. these fish 49
you can tell can't you ... his orders come ... 52
you'd know how to get out from under the weight 4
you get so long a mostly managable. confusion. and you 19
you have seen your heart. no it was not as our machine. 19
you have to have printed it out there then 21
you held a sufficiently small number of students 40
you know that. let's buy some of. thank you. 5
you keep saying us & yr going down. there's no 2
you make the rules and i'll live out my days long 26
you might sound every note of them. still we cannot 19
you must. kneel for the orchestra. the committee 28
you must pay this. a standard. a terrible thing 6
Your credit card debt is a FRAUD! 13
you still say ... 52
you there can tell from profile i'm a crude likeness 17
you understood that you could move around 40
you want me to read. i get your bike and shoot it. 42
yr causing me to. stop it. resolves to nice 25
yr for angiopathy. i strum it 30
yr in love with the passage. it got you out 4

zipped & waterlogged as a bruise we're finally a banquet. 21