Friday, January 27, 2006
i'm a state and a portion ... as we were talking about

tender spots lucid lawns broken triplets and old hawks

adding up to ... something the back of the mind says

when an emergency rips in ... let's go read a book or

let's have an airconditioned bone sale ... frivolous

or sober as prairie dogs ... asking the new metaphor

to please keep us on the trail ... sooner and/or later

you realize your time has not been well-spent but ...

watered down ... nozzled off like a sour coffee wash

then we've got trouble nobody wants ... we sink far

and come up reinvested with good medication days on

or ... other territory without indigenous art but as

blank and under-drawn as a flash of light ... patched

and ready for the feathered manifesto ... to come say

Thursday, January 26, 2006
is fire

if i'm confused i wait because

pretty soon he'll say something

i understand. a hanger. and the

wrinkles drop out.

and in counting three to say fifteen. there are books to put

for laughing. being an ocean as we are of mirth. a stiffness

and a formal distance just before one of our famous tantrums

now stop the ghosts and earn more cash.

hadn't an ounce of babylon but of petersburg.

just listen there were lights. some

blooming nonentities. led us captive to see.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006
o i'm an ambuscade of versions ... where one not me

trips on yellow flowers ... made an angle of the sun

and counted out this death valley wall to croak ...

a signal too soon ... here it comes and here it is

a snaggly conspiracy of tall grasses and worldy ore

which appeared as an active culture many years on ...

welcoming fortune's disonant cousins ... cramped as

trees ... together ... fashioned of the standing army

the ruin of basho ... the roots of old marvels ...

it cornered the market on likely anecdotes ... i was

among them on paper ... in hand as a pen on science

loses itself in a froth of mystical illustrations ...

i'm studying a worried look ... the mules fed

i call her immoral ... it ain't a woman ...

in the open air ... i would catch him in love

i knew that he knew what it was ... a pause

five poems.

will. you. teach. me. anything.

Monday, January 23, 2006
touching a land steadied by freckled hands ... there's a catch

but we're growing as dreaming overtakes us ... we're sea-tossed

fossils or met at night past the used car lot gone for good ...

Sunday, January 22, 2006
little paper harness ...

accidental scoff ...

although and his two sexes ...

realms in letting ...

wallow each as ordinary ...

not it's but wills ...

not its but illustrations ...

odd map ...

and inauspicious ...

mark me visionary ... blind abandoned bracelet or shining page

of a ship ... turned wave a string of white windows ... geese

fully flung toward your scalding sight ... there's me on loss

going vertically creepy and self-crusted as ... any vague pie

Saturday, January 21, 2006
begins in long muscles ... here we follow her cheeks

to rouge round postcards ... just as it pleases not

but that it pleases us ... an image of god a mirror

fronting a century a week following the brutal work

of eyes ... ideals of a while off then on ... i am

projecting us into each personal letter ... a head

i took it from life and turned it self-

sacrificial toward ... certainties any

might expect house for dinner recipes

for primates ... never frenetic white

our old pizza nature ... rising objects

to falling ... so i'm agnostic pasta

after all amazement ... behaving as i

back to finish your phrase currently

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