Friday, March 10, 2006
a praxis and an orange ... dependent in extremity ...

a whirlwind and a title for the new book ... called

Conferences and Nettles in Semi-Burly Annotations ...

these matters of our fingers and legs are secrets ...

sacred wanting ... thesis-driven phone calls came next

and next as a tennis ball our seamless bouncing comes

to a conclusion ... children of the storm nestle near ...

students of shells in sketchbooks ... understanding all

the rules an older generation took to refute ... god or

god or god or god impatiently ... not much like the old

movie with william demarest in a bowler ... a short mess

no one seems able to order ... but stop fearing and start

to know why he or she has a learning disorder ...

why any one cleverness has an answer for both parts ...

why people mark us as maids and handymen because we say

them not these ... when not because ... over not after

Thursday, March 09, 2006
will a few more ... frightening verbs fetishes abundance ...

of a few more in the luggage poets ... will a candle of them

will a few more ... ports have safety nouns and vices ...

will any few many look at last like lovers ... in dictionary

confusion ... in prayer stalls with lowing beasts ... will any

few say don't be afraid we're made ... enough of light & dark

don't be afraid ... don't be ... afraid ... don't be afraid

bringing ... exactly as every day the opening we turn

from because it's the end of some world and a door

nobody painted ... i'm in flowers and stinking of i'm

earth and still what opened combining with what eye

got walking in a blurred beginning ... walking to

the light ... then walking back with a sack and a

hoe ... i'd be grateful sometimes even for a factory

or a shoe ... the end or edge of the world begins

every day in leather and cotton ... eyes over pages

maybe touching ... but probably not a touch ... get

ideas about and propose it as the next of the highest ...

even in thunder we don't need to say ... every sound

for a storm ... so pocked we go thoughtless as our own

lame philosophy ... engineering and snuffing and sung

like boulders to sand ... watching the last wave for

the next good habit ... there's a thing and its idea

is it jazz or the old bad rambunction so long as it

moves it's jazz enough ... for any dance that gets a

line is a good one for me ... laughter being rice

and a timeless theme like rice and its whiting ...

all in one then everyone and pieces in coming on

(after reading stein's "if i told him," a student writes,
It almost seems pointless to read, but the is credit were credit is due.

then smartypants teacher:)

but the is is but the the is credit due
credit is due
credit due as is credit
were credit due pure credit due is credit is credit due
is is it credit and is it due is it
almost as almost is almost to read

pointless to read same as to read open to read as seems
is to read credit would it were it as credit
were credit were credit were
where credit where credit is is it due is it due almost
if almost as almost just almost to read credit

i believe as it almost seems due. i believe you believe you believe he is as credit is he as due and as credit. i believe and i think he is. is he due once then he is due credit as pointless as credit for reading. i believe a fine credit were due were due was due and done.

(and another student, I do not think that he put that much thought into writing that short poem.)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

for good

i claim it

because it's mine

and i'm


Tuesday, March 07, 2006
formally a floor ... a floor as pressure or activity ...

floor from a tremulous cause ... resisting a floor making

southern exceptions ... it's the heavy furniture after all

in a floor of hips and arms ... what a fine foolish floor

Monday, March 06, 2006
one is my cabinet just as an orchestra ...

two is flashing now but stops ... an argument

three slides away ...

four on both sides ... a brand new temperature

held under and green as ... there one and there two

make a home of it green ... and singe old skins ...

of hair we notice and forgive ... of brands in plastic

it's a lazy one ... and another willowy ... of course

so in the solid that the air ... big as business ...

or as in pain ... far enough to faint ... i'm collecting

russians ... and residents of ... rock cities

named for nothing and tangible ... as now for water

Sunday, March 05, 2006
worked forty years as an indirection toward sunset ...

mobbed in rose light ...

graced in a station ... the public previous & equal ...

i've got nothing but years ... new

edges ... chaos parts ... partners

back west ... with excluded eyes & nodes

like eggs from hard work all hours of night

& day ... all hours

a mo(ve[he])ment ...

not to say some one hasn't

all ready ...


a mo(ve[he])ment ...

which ... ! ... to make of an

expedition at once troubling ... &

reassuring ... we go ... no i go ...

we go to blink ... and ... ! ... at once

Saturday, March 04, 2006
plain old tarp over it and a story about the cattle

nobody holds cattle anymore but in a certain slight

tale there was a man and a woman who owned a farm a

good piece of land until the city came with televised

libraries and taught them all to pose in good light

for work and money portrait of an old media celebrity

on the farm in a book. please go on. what salvation

can be found there fallen or as you upended in the old

lumber stack boards and whole worlds without books a

fact that mind saying anything will sooner or later

be just enough. a car with a red and yellow clown by

no one who had ever read the book about the farm or

the cattle keepers in heavy gray work clothes america

spent days doing hard work and what came of it what?

every one in heaven every day thinking about one self

that's me in the formal suit this the face i dressed

for all the saying out to the ghosty farm we didn't

and we did deserve a story worth a mirror we have had

back to finish your phrase currently

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