Friday, May 19, 2006
only because we belong to it ... insofar

as it can ever be known ... we own flower bodies

pricked by each of any many universal points ...

still beautiful performances ... posing us

recording us ... scratched and incisive bleeders

we belong to it ... i said and bled distinct ...

and discontinuous ... as one who belongs to ice

might shiver and then draw a snake ... to represent

his newly expressive assassinations ... endless

idioms of bodies ... attentive humiliations ...

hope in the mayan sun ... long bright blades of

Thursday, May 18, 2006
built bourgeois this increasingly mad romance

of machine of humanity of going on into the now

with our hands and our birds ... playing the palace

... murdering the duke or his lackies ... for private

demons ... stop ... send small denominations stop

whose life changes for a new automobile ... rung

quickly as an early version of The Street Corner Blues

... i'm an uncanny associate ... i'm a hunchback dove ...

who played the boyfriend and took her to church ...

incensed to find ... his victims emotionally ... uh volatile ...

then i promise the musicians a raise ... a pair of parrots

or an occipital flea-cap ... any quirked up thing ... for peace

Wednesday, May 17, 2006
naturally between friends the front row shivers ...

you were thinking in to my life ... i the guerilla

folk artist ... the quasi-naive executor ... outsides in ...

thinking your way from husk to kernel ... in my solitude ...

promised me the strange ... the dream ... the apoplectic yes

my friend in the orange pipe organ ...

my firebird friend ... my el dorado ...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006
in chance you send a place ... i keep it & want

country learning ... to love that & know in place

how far ... i go on in justice & truth ... jumping

in chance of a farther idea ... thinking this in

my place not about the hearts ... but on some fear

that in chance a boy might be lost ... for now as

you certainly know ... all of us trying to be full

now as full always of respect & some kind of joy ...

Monday, May 15, 2006
be smarter than that. if yr not going to describe

the world. then what. then what result accrues.

then what indignity will you pursue. a dream.

or worse an imaginary something. be smarter say.

i was born. and then it started. and goes on.

yes and read in the books where it says. i was born.

a continual brightness. an excoriating theatrical

experience. surging with shocks of recognition.

and dramatic fire.

seconds at night


state forms


wouldn't but

of our house

i did

am something


as cork

preferably birth


was false


as more than

a lawyer

in fact

her objection



all this the unutterable as ... precious ...

the too precious with all its hands on some thing ...

my rivers run my trees ... my pretty little birds

all for you in feathers ... you in the nowhere ...

out standing ... a new postal zone what ... unsaid

& rosy in black ... what it what as a door it's an

smuggling borders across dynamite planes ... here we go searing ...

traditional song begins in poignant fugues ... on weather ...

what is that ringing tripling every three seconds ... a spell

for six hands an ecstasy roundabout ... of street cleaners ...

in a clinical celebration ... each receiving a new folk music ...

for finding patterns go outside ... gather a full choir ... go

i'm just languid in this torrid phrasing ... i'm just less frothy

Sunday, May 14, 2006
flashier than what. than yes sir. with an action figure

punctured. a sharp red fist is all. you see in the slumped

balloon. twelve deep breaths. constructed fundamental

as a teacher a daydream a tooth fairy tree house. built

silly. as sneaking up on the unsuspecting.


we make our fingers characters in the play of a great bickering

couple. i was god and you were god's friend with a white balloon

and i pushed you into pulling it down. into touching range. and

Saturday, May 13, 2006
he's ambitious to be published. he says he has

something to say and wants to be known for saying

it. known. for saying. it. ambitious to be known

for saying it. in ink as in breath. to be known

for having said. it comes to him sometimes like

a girl or as a girl. sometimes it's just a girl

in fact. a girl he wants to look his way. a girl

who looks a certain way he's known maybe once. a

moment hungry for each of other moments to come.

they are arriving and he hopes to be among them

with a girl. will it be in bright lights or sun

light. will be said and known to be said will it

a problem memory. marks we're not used to

the keeping of any promise. or rain on us

or plunk any number of petals some driven

brown. down as remembering the enclosed &

entitled to say. i wish the day was great

as the night. it's all made of wanting an

opening. to stamp. saying brother of mute

magic. take a chance that what you mean i

said you meant & went on saying a longing

said. there was that time. so here it's o

captured answer. i'm spitting out our war

i'm spitting out our farthest parts. here

back to finish your phrase currently

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