"Deauville, lady of the French coast, its most glamorous seaside resort, symbolizes elegance, prestige and sophistication."

is an American car.

A Chronological History of the Chrysler Corporation

Dutch sailors
are connected to the early settlement of the New York area.

Charter of the Dutch West India Company: 1621

is some kind of stuff said to be related to ghostly appearances.

The Skeptic's Dictionary definition

El Greco
was an artist, "the first great genius of the Spanish School."

See his work at the WebMuseum

is an important neighborhood in northern Queens, one of the five boroughs of New York City.

refers to The Ziegfeld Follies, a musical revue famous for its beautiful girls, produced by Florenz Ziegfeld from 1907 to 1931.

See The Girls of the Ziegfeld Follies

is a popular form of ballroom dancing, introduced in 1914.

Read about its history at

French bob
is a short hairstyle popular in the 1920s.

See illustrations at The Costume Gallery

For a general history of hairdressing that includes a brief discussion of "bobbed" hair, see

Georgian Colonial
refers to an architectural style popular in the 18th century.

Gilda Gray

"a Polish-American actress and dancer who became famous in the US for popularizing a dance called the "shimmy" which became fashionable in 1920s films and theater productions."

refers to the predominant architectural style of the Middle Ages.

Grand Canal
is a major watery thoroughfare of Venice, Italy.

Dan Heller's Photos

A painting by J. M. W. Turner

Great War
is the original name for World War I.

is the tenth oldest town in Connecticut.

is a village of western Long Island.

His Father's Business
is an allusion to a comment made by the young Jesus to his parents when they find him talking with the teachers in the temple [Lk.2.49].

See biblical allusions

"Hopalong Cassidy"
is the cowboy hero of a series of novels by Clarence E. Mulford published between 1907 and 1941. This is interesting because the date on Gatsby's fly-leaf is "September 12th, 1906". Thus Fitzgerald has committed anachronism, as Bruccoli concurs (214).

An American Legend

as used in the novel, is not related to later associations with Nazi genocidal programs. American Heritage Dictionary provides an alternate definition: "A sacrificial offering that is consumed entirely by flames." This refers to the Jewish practice of animal sacrifices in ancient Israel.

Hôtel de Ville
is literally a town hall. These were frequently architectural marvels of Northern France, Normandy.

Hot Springs
is a famous resort town in Arkansas.

is an improvisational musical form rooted in blues, spirituals, ragtime, marching bands, and other earlier music. Fitzgerald is often called the great writer of "The Jazz Age".

Kaiser Wilhelm [II]
ruled Germany from 1888 to his abdication in 1918. He presided over German involvement in The Great War.

Kant [Immanuel]
(1724-1804), was one of the most significant European philosphers.

is a park on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

Kapiolani Park (

or knickers, were short pants that descended to the knee, where they were met by long socks.

Lake Forest
is a famously prosperous city north of Chicago in Lake County, IL.,_Illinois

Lake Superior

Lewis guns
were light machine guns used in The Great War.

Long Island
stretches about 120 miles east from southern Manhattan into the Atlantic ocean. It consists of four counties: Kings (Brooklyn), Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk.

Long Island Sound


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Love Nest, The
was a popular tune written in 1916 by Otto Harbach (words) and Louis A. Hirsch (music). It became even more famous later in the century as comedian Jack Benny's theme song.

Just a love nest cozy with charm,
Like a dove nest down on a farm.
A veranda with some sort of clinging vine,
Then a kitchen where some rambler roses twine.

Then a small room, Tea set of blue,
Best of all room, Dream room for two.
Better than a palace with a gilded dome
Is a love nest you can call home