Some Definition

poetry is a thump, a crumpling somewhere

poetry is a deep growl from your perfect red center

poetry is the quietest corner, a broken window

poetry is a single silver chain suspended from this mountain to that river

poetry is the street, if the street is alive and jumping, not like one of those twinkie suburbs where everyone is frightened and bored

poetry is a falling piñata

poetry is this morning full of light

poetry is "these United States...the greatest poem" (Whitman)

poetry is heartburn, bad gas

poetry is damp lawn furniture and bird droppings

poetry is your thought just before the door slams - and the next one just after

poetry is the slamming door

poetry is "a way of taking life by the throat" (Robert Frost)

poetry is a single voice wailing and twenty-three voices silent

poetry is a very old shirt yellow-striped ugly blue

poetry is a girl who cannot write poems

poetry is "a mirror which makes beautiful that which it distorts" (Shelley)

poetry is old gum, very old gum that tastes like dead flowers

poetry is a body so carefully avoiding other bodies

poetry is a boy too close to a boy a boy

too close to a girl a girl too close

to a boy a girl too close to a girl

poetry is "adolescence fermented, and thus preserved" (José Ortega y Gasset)

All poems by Br. Tom Murphy, O. Carm.

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