Two Prose Poems

1. God's Blue Youth

As a dull child he passed many hours by himself. First in a room with a book on the floor. His fists closed around nothing in particular. Then in a green yard. The leaves there bobbled like his placid eyes above his open mouth.

The song he thought yesterday became a rough stone.

When a light started in the sky and his father's voice sputtered, he stood his loneliness upright in a clear pool. Then pushed it over again.


2. Gemini In Bohemia

They played a game where one would look away and the other would let himself be touched. One saw a white wall cracked in places and peeling. The other saw a parking lot. Most of the cars were blue or red. Most of the spaces were taken.

When the game was over some dust blew into the room. One found a small paralysis in his arm. The other counted six - maybe seven - grey moths in the light. A constellation incognito.

All poems by Br. Tom Murphy, O. Carm.

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