Your Nature Poem


the sky - it's free

yes well you don't need another nature poem

do you

if you do then maybe

the next nature poem will be

your next perception of the natural world

the next birdsong

when it matters to you

or a wind hits your face

or some other animal appears out of nowhere

reminds you of Nothing's big promise


that could be your next nature poem


but if these things pass you by

you do not see them hear them taste them touch them smell them

then maybe your nature poem has gone somewhere else

to the Land of Squandered Poems

where they lie around all day in tanning beds

talking about television and boys


if you write a nature poem now

you might call it

The Nature in Me

my dripping nose my tired feet

something like that

because you are nature too you know

the bird flies through your stomach

the wind the stillness of tree stump

they're in you too

just stop

shut up

listen for a while

everything will finally make sense


or not

 All poems by Br. Tom Murphy, O. Carm.

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