sure someone had thought of a better way but we did not know

what it was no one had told us and so we passed on in the old way

putting a foot in front of a foot hoping that what we were doing

the work we had devoted our days and our lives to was effective

and valuable in the world a positive contribution to the growth of

individuals and to the health and cohesion of human community

for surely all of our activity our planning arranging enforcing

our hurrying waiting judging executing hoping all of this

is becoming a structure of concern and vision something bright and

useful yet if someone suggests a different direction we shout that

person down or acknowledge the truth and collapse into ourselves

yes you are right we have been wrong how could we be so blind


so we might correct our heading cut a new path turn around or

off to one side but we would be foolish to abandon all that we

had learned if we had learned from those years of misdirection

even on a dark night there is something to see

All poems by Br. Tom Murphy, O. Carm.

My Poems

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