What Went On and On


I. What Nightclubs Have

Night clubs
have lewd eyeballs
rambunctious spandex legs
sigmoidal green reptilian smiles
and beer


II. What He Did And What Happened When He Did It

this whistling boy
also called her 'mama'
she broke his arm with a pigeon-
hole wrench


III. What He Did When It Happened

tragically from
comedy's low bodice
to a predictable sidewalk
he cried


IV. What The Sidewalk Heard

Oh blunt rebuff
Oh grim rebuke past hope
I've learned my lesson completely
this time


V. What The Morning Saw

of aches mirrored
and remembered in skin
a frowsy-haired boy reckless in
his pants

All poems by Br. Tom Murphy, O. Carm.

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