Dad and Others

Dad with the Group

Dad apart from the Group

Dad and a Friend in the Ocean

Dad (far right) Standing at Attention

Dad in the Mud

Portrait of Uncle Jim

Soldier Groups

Two Soldiers in Front of a Tree

Two Soldiers
(Sam Armstrong center?)

Six Soldiers in Flight Jackets

Six More Soldiers

Three Soldiers

Two Soldiers

Three Soldiers in the Street

Two Shirtless Soldiers

Four Soldiers

Eight Soldiers

Two Men Sitting on the Beach

Five Men on the Beach

Two Men Standing on the Beach

Two Men in the Water

Solo Soldiers

Soldier with Medals

Soldier at Attention

Soldier in Uniform

Soldier in front of Three Buildings

Soldier with Jaunty Cap

Soldier with Tie

Soldier Dangling from a Tree

Soldier with Sunglasses

Soldier near a Jeep

Portrait of an Airman

Portrait of a Soldier

Soldier Standing

Airman (Dad) in the Mud


Three Italian Boys

An Italian Family

An Italian Boy

An Italian Girl

Two Italian Girls

Italian Street Scene

Italian Villa (?)

Italian House

Italian Ruins

Four Italian (?) Soldiers

Earth and Sky

Crippled B-24 Liberator

Trouble at the Airfield

More Trouble at the Airfield

Distant Trouble

View from the B-24

Another View from the B-24

Airman Sitting on a Bomb

Two Airmen Sitting on Bombs

Two Airmen with Machine Gun

Five Airmen in front of "Deuces Wild"

Chaplain Scene

A Group Singing at Services

Two Men Loading a Bomb