Sunday, December 19, 2004

kinda cold... but yesterday before the front came through i managed to cut the tall grass from the garden and stick a few of the puffy-topped things in a pot in the rec room... but they need a big red ribbon... no christmas tree this year... don't think we had one last year either... don't miss it... much... two ap exams in the morning... lots of grade stuff yet to come... and other stuff
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baltimore sun's short review of Hannah Coulter...
Wendell Berry's compelling and immensely readable regional writing often gets short shrift because his characters are the just-plain folks of America's rural heartland. This latest installment of his series about the citizens of Port William, Ky., details the reflections of the eponymous narrator. Now an old woman, Hannah reviews her life - she was just a girl when she married Nathan, a survivor of Okinawa, and bore his children. As she contemplates the story of her life she muses, 'Like everybody's, it was going to be the story of living in the absence of the dead.' Berry's poetic prose is by turns as graceful and brutal as his poetry, his revelations about the impact of war on young men and their families heart-rending in this distinctly Faulknerian moral tale.
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The only thing for me that distinguishes whether or not I think something is moving or profound or necessary or beautiful, they are all more or less the same thing to me, is whether it is convincing. And this in the end comes down to the character of the person making it, not the style in which it is made. I don't think that works any more.
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thinking about agnes martin reminds me how much i've always liked Sean Scully... call it minimal if you want... but it's got so much... more...
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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Agnes Martin
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things fall apart by chinua achebe: cyberguide by tchaiko kwayana...
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Agnes Martin - R. I. P....
Agnes Martin, who died at Taos, New Mexico, on Thursday aged 92, was an artist whose variations on horizontal and vertical lines were regarded by many critics as having anticipated such movements as hard edge painting, op art, conceptualism and, most strikingly, minimalism; she was often spoken of as the last survivor of the abstract expressionist painters who came to prominence in New York in the 1950s.
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A Good Poem

A good poem is like finding a hole
in the palace
never know what you

--Tukaram c.1608-1649
(translated by Daniel Ladinsky)

via The Wondering Minstrels list
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Friday, December 17, 2004

Lester Bangs on "Astral Weeks"
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The New York Times | 'Ralph Eugene Meatyard': Behind the Masks, Portraits of Southern Gothic...
Of all the photographers of the ordinary, Ralph Eugene Meatyard is perhaps the most oddball, giving reality a flip that often puts it into the realm of sur-reality. His creepy, staged shots of family and friends in strange masks but homey settings, or unmasked in derelict places that turn spooky, are weirdly unsettling while at the same time involved with the familiar interactions of everyday life.
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emTech Consulting... their links portal
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emTech - Language Arts... lots of links
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Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the California Arts Council have announced that applications are being sought for California's poet laureate. ... no girlyman poets need apply...
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Thursday, December 16, 2004

seems like that humble link right below here inspired a colorful burst of rememories over at chris murray's tex files...
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rubrics and stuff
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morning junk mail: 242
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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

a funny fine development at zotz... the zoo... seems bap2004 has momentarily disappeared... to be replaced by brief conversation about a frosty old chesnut...
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Sometimes the strangest people slip through the cracks of art history.
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Seasoned Booksellers - Specializing in sustainable lifestyles, wilderness adventures, and renewable energies
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Tumbleweed Woodworks
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now i'm waiting for the faculty's secret santa party... this is my first time... it has been a very pleasant experience... i've had various gifts of candy and toys delivered by (sometimes) singing, bell-clad students... a cool push-down matchbox "hero-hauler" that rolls the length of my long classroom... a tin of hard candies my grandmother used to love... a santa coke mug filled with candy in red wrappers (as yet unopened)... a bottle of mexican pop - jarritos - surrounded by funny colorful mexican (?) candy canes... a christmas tree box of peanut butter cups with a charlie brown ornament... a cane full of sweet tarts... a map of africa with a message: to solve this riddle, you'll find me in the middle... what looks like a real nice bottle of merlot... this is all so cool... what a haul... i'm afraid i wasn't so inventive for my own... uh... recipient... er... victim...
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yesterday i came out of the fog to realize that... given a week... many ap students had not read (completed? started?) heart of darkness... i pouted... but need to consider methods of... encouragement... most teachers take time to quiz... one wishes he/she could take my approach of just leaving it all up to their own maturity and sense of duty, as college professors do... still, i'm guessing that even college profs quiz from time to time... even college profs get this gut-churning sense... from time to time... that the class is... not on the same page...

ap is supposed to be a college-level course... out-of-the-fog reality shows me high school students pulled in many different directions in a very limited range of time... some just found the book "boring"... and stopped reading... i don't know what to do with that one... the spirit of the age clearly urges us to flee boredom... because "life is just too short"... and of course it is... but what and how much of it is boring... depends... as so much... on presentation...
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doom... Ten percent of all bird species are set to disappear by the end of this century -- and with them the services they provide such as cleaning up carcasses and spreading seeds, U.S. researchers said Monday.

A careful study of extinction rates so far, conservation measures underway and climate and environmental change shows that at least 1,200 species of birds will be gone by 2100. And that is a conservative estimate, the team at Stanford University in California said.

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daily junk mail count: 217
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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

i am not writing here... you see me not writing here... i am going to sleep... for a few hours... and then i will think again about not writing here... but this doesn't mean i will not write here... of course... because i will be writing here... and here is there wherever your screen lights up... as much as here where mine goes dark for a few hours... sleep
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Kevin Doyle mentions Wendell Berry...
Of thinkers, Wendell Berry is definitely a hero. Perhaps because I grew up in a small town in the rural Midwest (although not as a farm boy), his thoughts really resonate with me. I don't agree with everything he has to say, but he cuts through so much B.S., and he writes like a dream.
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In my observation, "smart" is the highest form of praise one can now receive. While it has colloquial currency, smart carries a special status and value in contemporary academic culture.
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Peter Batke' Homepage
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search Moby Dick
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daily junk mail count - 317
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School ties help soldier...
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Monday, December 13, 2004

Communio: International Catholic Review ... hmmmmm
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this morning i find a note from our provincial offices... that fr. phil nessinger has died... another one of the great old guys... rest in peace, phil...
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this morning i find a note from mom... that the young daughter of her cousin's son... has succumbed to a long bout with cancer... rest in peace, kayley...
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this morning i find 795 pieces of spam in my school junk mail folder... there were none on friday when i left...
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