Sunday, April 25, 2004

watched The Hours this evening... shouldn't have... and enjoyed it... what's with kidman's nose?... a good job of hiding kidman... tomorrow no class but... worse... i fear... stay tuned
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Lexington Herald-Leader | 04/25/2004 | Is U.S. trying to help bin Laden?: "
Is U.S. trying to help bin Laden?

Why don't we get to vote on which side we want to be on in the War Between the Semites?
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It's easy to blame governments when they in fact do represent awfull societies.

I only can call poetry the most critical voice against every order, including its own.

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got some chi on the brain... provoked by this funny incident
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Chi, China, Chicanery: Traditional Chinese Medicine (Skeptical Inquirer September 1995)
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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Blowin' in the Wine: Bob Dylan Teams Up With Italian Winemaker

With a price tag of $65 per bottle, Dylan's famous lyrics from "All Along the Watchtower" could prove prophetic: "Businessmen, they drink my wine None of them along the line know what any of it is worth."
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so... here i am back from the boys kairos... april-style... junior-style... and it was an odd one for me because i commuted back to school for classes on two of the three days...which meant i missed some pretty important stuff... and regret it... but i just couldn't see myself taking off completely so close to the big ap test on may 6... cuz when i'm gone for such a period ti always takes me a good couple days to get back to speed...

still... i've been pretty spacey all day (with a kevin in sight)... a low-level headache... eyes that don't quite focus... low-level in-the-dumps... my classic kairos hangover... so i wandered out to target and spent way too much money on necessary but thoroughly boring stuff... toothpaste, razorblades, t-shirts, cat litter... that'll be fifty bucks please... then over to b&n for books... something by henri nouwen... a cheap edition of the iceman cometh w/ spacey on the cover... sebald's the rings of saturn... no idea when i'll get around to actually reading these...
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from Wendell Berry's "Private Property and the Common Wealth"

I would beg my fellow conservationists, as I would beg my fellow farmers, to realize that we must quit thinking of our countryside piecemeal, in terms of separate products or enterprises: tobacco, timber, livestock, vegetables, feed grains, recreation, and so on. We must begin to think of the human use of each of our regions or localities as one economy, both rural and urban, involving all the local products. We must learn to see such local economies as the best and perhaps the only means we have of preserving that system of ecological and cultural connections that is, inescapably, our common wealth."
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Wendell Berry: 'Conscience of Kentucky' sees state's well-being sacrificed for profit

After talking about strip mining, Berry moved on to other topics: destruction of forests, air pollution, urban sprawl, factory farms ('You don't need a large corporation to raise a hog') and questionable efforts to attract industry.

'For the sake of jobs, we have given public money to corporations that come in and stay here only so long as they can exploit people here more cheaply than elsewhere,' he said.

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Friday, April 23, 2004

Happy Birthday, Mr. Bill!
Sonnet XIII

O, that you were yourself! but, love, you are
No longer yours than you yourself here live:
Against this coming end you should prepare,
And your sweet semblance to some other give.
So should that beauty which you hold in lease
Find no determination: then you were
Yourself again after yourself's decease,
When your sweet issue your sweet form should bear.
Who lets so fair a house fall to decay,
Which husbandry in honour might uphold
Against the stormy gusts of winter's day
And barren rage of death's eternal cold?
O, none but unthrifts! Dear my love, you know
You had a father: let your son say so.
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Looking for a muse in all the wrong places.
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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

never underestimate
the value of pie
... o suzanna... baker's square got nothing on you... i bet
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Monday, April 19, 2004

i'll be erratic over the coming days... doing retreat... not on retreat... but who knows... i still might pop up here... cuz i'll still be at school... most days
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