Sunday, June 06, 2004

The New York Times > Magazine > Encounter: Proceed With Caution (free registation may be required)

Unlike Bill McKibben or Wendell Berry, two authors Joy admires who have written with passion about how technology threatens to devalue our day-to-day lives, Joy has made a point of not pursuing the moral, religious or political dimensions of his argument. ''I'm focused on truly catastrophic danger, where we must act,'' he wrote to me in a late-night e-mail message.
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new journal up... to begin june... finally.... mostly pictures from yesterday
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Saturday, June 05, 2004

o... this... breaks something
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at the book fair... nice day... big crowd...

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Free Sample... some choice(s)... an extravagant list...
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I imagine it would be relatively easy to bring the right intention to bear on wanting to save others from suffering, to learn wisdom, and to achieve personal awakening. But it's much harder to cut through delusions because we don't know we have them in the first place.

... i live in creeping certainty of my delusions... that i am deluded.. on every corner...
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The Chicago Tribune Printer's Row Book Fair

The largest free literary event in the Midwest, the Chicago Tribune Printers Row Book Fair features five tented blocks in the historic Printers Row district and showcases the nation's most diverse booksellers displaying new, used and antiquarian books for sale. Annually the Book Fair offers more than 90 free literary programs including readings and book-signings by famous authors, panel discussions of cutting edge issues, non-stop poetry readings, a Writers' Marketplace and two full days of children's programming.
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Friday, June 04, 2004

i got close to this rose because the rest of the garden is... so far... unremarkable... the other roses are all pink and out of focus... and i need the names of two other plants whose names i've lost... but here's a rose...

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Japanese Literature Reading List
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How Bob Dylan can keep your password safe and sound
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o... cut out the nightshade this morning... after hosing the driveway clean of grass cuttings... which were feared would be tracked into the house by a large crowd this evening... after we walked this morning
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from the Silliman profile at ChicagoPostmodernPoetry...

1) How do you form a poem?

I tend to stalk poems. I make notes, think, read books, think some more, take notes, make sketches, count, tear pages up, fret, have dreams, even nightmares, for as much as a year before I actually begin writing the poem.

i should try it this way for a couple years...

i go the other way... a passive way... every day... which is so typical and unmanly... let myself be stalked, jumped, mugged... sometimes... but never really bludgeoned bruised... usually the pome is a little plucked weed i kick out of the way... none of these little things know what they are or their place...
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Thursday, June 03, 2004

when i left at two the yearbook was nearly done. so i guess this is summer. my room was cleaning when i got home and smelling like bleach. poor cat. so i planted a gift of creeping blue phlox... and found that someone had weeded my barely sprouting primroses away. most cannot tell a weed from a flower. one person's flower is another's weed. we know this. but maybe they didn't get all the primrose roots. we'll see... at least i always called them "primrose" but they looked almost nothing like these... just plain pink.
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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

here we go... some bittersweet nightshade from lake county, il...

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check out the aptly named Earthly Delights at Paula's House of Toast... i've got my very own personal clump of b.s. nightshade busting up through the evergreen right next to my garage door... need to go make a picture of it... right now
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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

but I do know this,
have known since I was four,
that at the core of me
I am a Lover

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pretty nice day... until this cloud rolled in...

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shot the moon the other night...

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passed the morning with the yearbook group... mostly proofing the proofs... and finding lots of problems... and fixing most... this is my last year with the yearbook
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Charles Bernstein - The Academy of American Poets
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Monday, May 31, 2004

Reading and constructing meaning from a text is a complex and active process; one way to help students slow down and develop their critical analysis skills is to teach them to annotate the text as they read.
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so it's funny i saw J Ashbery reading "This Room" in that movie this morning because the other day i saw J Ashbery reading "This Room" in a film by Caveh Zahedi called In the Bathtub of the World... must be a sign of imminent anthology status for "This Room"... it's a cute poem... maybe i wish i'd written it... in both films J. A. looks like he's having an especially bad moment... and i love him for that...
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caught on SUNDANCE CHANNEL... a nice static piece... á la Frank and Hopper, as noted... with J Ashbery reading "This Room"... which is funny... because

directed by Jorgen Leth


35 MINS, Color

Appeared at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival Inspired by Edward Hopper's paintings and the photographs of Robert Frank, Danish filmmaker Jorgen Leth and cinematographer Dan Holmberg present a group of cinematic postcards celebrating America in all its eccentric individuality. Shot in New York, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and California, these poetic snapshots feature minimalist portraits of the filmmakers' personal heroes - actor Dennis Hopper, poet John Ashbery and documentarian Albert Maysles - as well as evocative images of endless highways, roadside diners and remote motels. TVG

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