Sunday, July 04, 2004

brando in libertyville...
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on peter ackroyd
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Friday, July 02, 2004

new roof... old roof...

installation is kinda noisy... but no tar stink... is good
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seems i've always counted on saying more than i meant
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'When we moved here (in 1979), I had read Wendell Berry,' said the tan and trim Carl Jahnes, referring to the Kentucky essayist and moralist who advocates local, practical agriculture.

'I always wanted to do something agricultural that would be a part of my home. We tried strawberries, we tried Christmas trees, we tried sheep. No money,' he said.

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interview with christopher ricks on his dylan book..

My book is for people who know the songs already, who hear the songs in their heads. I suggest for readers who do not know the songs to take five years to listen to Dylan, and then read this book.
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ha... bet you never knew i was an irish playwright...
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Thursday, July 01, 2004

enjoying the fresh(er) noise on the cd from june's The Believer... never heard (of) any of these... me... old and out of IT... i suppose... but this fills a nice summer space that used to be filled by Oxford American's music issue... yes... all of these are quite listenable... but will they be rememberable... my choice or theirs.
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seems there's not going to be any tar... they've laid down this white plastic... with loud drills and thumps... we're gonna be a white-roofed community... pix soon
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roofers today. they've stripped the edging. facia? and they toss it down with big clatter. a mess of wasps. some pounding. a noisy place.
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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The Great Emily Dickinson Indexing Massacree... just posted
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to the book
to the train station
to the jiffy lube
to the internet

charlie parker

to the gatsby index
to the kitchen
to the television
to the airport
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Making the Connection: Reading and Writing Together
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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The Lied and Art Song Texts Page
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out my window

it's a big open space now... minus the tree we lost to a storm almost exactly a year ago... what shows up with a removal... the cat has been watching the summer school kids and traffic...
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The Poor Yorick Shakespeare Catalogue
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Monday, June 28, 2004

sorry to be making such a Big Deal about this... but i'm new to it... on one hand i'm old enough to realize that it's just what it is... but then there's this little kid whooping around in here... and nobody's home right now... just me & an indifferent cat... so i share the moment with you.. whoever you are...

btw... they just took the construction trailer away from out my view... another cause for celebration...
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if you squint real tight you can just make out my name... six down in the second column... yep... just... (neither of these scans quite catches the actual green of the cover... imagine a shade in between these two)
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ok... here's the cover back and front...

i wonder if the ipc on the front is a goof... seems to be plenty of room on the back... i betcha
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just arrived... 2 copies of Post Road 8... and there... between pages 172 and 192... sits my index to the great gatsby... which of course is and has been also online since... whenever. i forget. but last fall i received a note from the editor... asking if i might be willing to let them publish it... and so i was... and so they did... then came proofs... and now this... a quick look pleases me immensely that they got the proof corrections right... (lots of intricacies w/ indexes)

it's a pretty classy production... i'm wedged in between a piece by sven birkerts (re: joseph brodsky) and an essay on bruno schultz and isaac babel... nice company...

a quick google (and at amazon and b&n) suggests that this obscure east coast magazine is not yet available anywhere... which kinda sucks for someone who's trying to find a promotional link to it...
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Jack Spencer... photographer... (via wood s lot)
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Sunday, June 27, 2004

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The New York Times > Opinion > Garry Wills: The Bishops vs. the Bible

Nothing I have said is a defense of abortion. There are strong arguments from natural reason to oppose it, including a presumption in favor of personhood where the possibility exists. That they are not so strong as to command general assent does not free anyone from the duty of considering those arguments seriously, and of making a decision in conscience based on that consideration.

All I am saying is that the bishops have no special mandate from their office to supplant the individual conscience with some divine imperative. For them to say that this is a matter of theology is, simply, bad theological reasoning. If they, as citizens, wish to express their opinion on the natural-reason arguments, they have every right to do so. But that does not give them the right to deny others the same kind of arguing, on the same grounds. The subject of abortion is not a matter of church-state relations, since the bishops as church authorities have nothing distinctive to contribute to the discussion.

... hmmmm
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cool pix at Kite Aerial Photography... thanks, pete...
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