Sunday, July 25, 2004

oo... check out suzanne's freaky mutant daylilly
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and more flowers...

the big pink rose is too much... i know... i'm sorry...
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Sojourners: Christians for Justice and Peace

Wendell Berry interview
Hear his thoughts on jubilee economics, capitalism, and the radical implications of the gospel.

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The Seven Strategies of Good Readers ... hmmmm...
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downstairs looking at the paper just before going off to church... waiting for them... and the phone rings but dom gets it upstairs... minutes and minutes pass and i'm wondering if beth is awake yet... i should go knock... then dom comes down & says so you got beth out... huh i say... her door he says... her door is stuck... so we go to her room i knock and she says... it's the upper corner... i push and the door opens... she had called on her cell phone to say she was stuck in her room... me... i would've pounded cussed & yelled... she... the subtle high tech solution... we better fix that door
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Saturday, July 24, 2004

my sister beth says... i want a shade garden so i blow off the dust & give her my book... she wants to see how photoshop works... and how i make my pictures so i pull it out and we play... she was in chicago today... now she's here rocking in my lazy-boy... reading post road 8 and my exceptionally fine gatsby index... but she says she's not ... she's actually just looking at the pictures... because there are just too many words in the world...

you should have seen the cat's expression when we burst in on her... cat does not... as you and i as well do not... enjoy being burst upon...
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Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index!
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Friday, July 23, 2004

a view of lake county's current development issues... from the Daily Herald | 16 June 2004...

Improve towns before building out
Through the western window of my house, you could once see a fertile marsh abundant with the sights and sounds of animal life. Cattails blowing in the wind and coyotes howling at the moon once echoed throughout the swamp then out over borderless acres of farmland and forest. Besides the occasional farmhouse, open land stretched out for miles everywhere you looked, eventually disappearing into the horizon.

Today, in that same line of vision, a couple dozen carbon-copy homes line up in the shadow of an ever-growing iron and concrete skeleton, soon to be a Target Supercenter. Most of the trees have been felled, probably converted into 2-by-4's. The cornfields have been stamped out, freshly glazed with a few hundred tons of black pavement. The lakes and ponds are reduced to lifeless ditches and mudholes soaking up the excess polluted water from parking lot storm sewers, and daily one can't help but notice the gruesome carcasses of deer, raccoons, rabbits, geese, opossums and coyotes that litter the shoulders of roads.

Without hesitation, new developments are constantly being constructed. Traffic keeps getting worse, and Lake County is slowly transforming into a single, massive, mega-suburb.

Do we realize the possible ill effects this unrestricted development could have? Do we give any effort in maintaining nature outside of mowing our lawns? Do we recognize the many other human necessities that will need to be created with the rapid population growth? We are falling behind on the growing demand for road expansion, enhancement and expansion of schools, nearby medical care or law enforcement, etc. that will require more construction in rural areas where hundreds or thousands soon plan to build new homes.

Before we unearth more soil and clear more trees, solutions should be planned out. Why not enhance the existing towns rather than spreading new structures out so far into the country? Semi-high-rise apartments, condos and improvements of downtown business districts, as in Highland Park or Deerfield, could ease the rural outbreak of homes and strip malls. Better public transportation and the creation of more bike routes would help lessen the traffic pollution within these country villages, that are growing as large as cities but still resemble sparsely populated vacation stops. Lake County communities need to stop and formulate rational solutions to expand and thrive without destroying the natural integrity and environmental value of open land in our area.

Mike Garamoni

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i drove south from springfield mainly off the interstate... passing through raymond... butler... hillsboro (with real hills)... greenville... carlyle... new minden... to i-64... which was interstately... until hoosier national forest which is real pretty and scarey... the way the road twists up down and around... if you stare at the hills you'll fly off into valleys... i kept my mind on the driving business... entered new albany and got myself suitably confused and lost for half an hour or so trying to find jeffersonville... checked in, rested, cruised j-ville, ate, showered and headed back out to the big event... that panel discussion on land use related to a new bridge for clark county...
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on a trip alone you don't get to make many pictures... because the car is moving and you are moving it... the impulse to keep moving overrides the one to stop and make a picture... there's a general safety factor... but something else, as well... a commitment to get to the end... which gets you to the end without pictures... well maybe one... once the car is parked and yr up in the room... with some luck there will be a view...

water and a bridge usually make a view... from a certain height... some of louisville in the distance...
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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

off to points south for a couple days...
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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Jasper Johns: The pop artist who ate himself
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Taking pictures of weeds is easy. They, mostly, hold still. Or one waits for the wind to slow and the swaying to stop. This plan does not translate well to taking pictures from the car.

... i will keep this in mind over the next few days as i try to document my trip to southern indiana... which reminds me to wash the car windows soon...
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and yes... i'm still goofing on erdrich's last report... good stuff.. look at this moment...

Four times a day -- on rising, at noon, late afternoon, and before going to bed -- Agnes and Father Damien became that one person who addressed the unknown. The priest stopped what he was doing, cast himself down, made himself transparent, broke himself open. That is, prayed... She began to address the trinity as four and to include the spirit of each direction -- those who sat at the four corners of the earth. Wherever she prayed, she made of herself a temporary center of those directions. There she allowed herself to fall apart. Disintegrated into pieces of creation, which God might pick up and turn curiously this way and that to catch the light. What a relief it was, for those moments, to be nothing, a smashed thing, and to have no thought or expectation. Whether God picked up the fragments and stuck them back together, or casually swept them aside was of no consequence to either Agnes or Father Damien.
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how a text becomes itself in time... i'm reading the first couple chapters of the sound and the fury... again... maybe the fifth time... this in preparation for the ap lit institute next week... the benjy chapter is as tough as ever now... but knowing certain things after previous reading study discussion makes it easier to note the sad fabric of the whole piece... i'm not thrown so much by the doubled names... (what a hellish region for first-time readers)... but still have trouble charting the moment of each piece...are there seven or eight? wish faulkner's publisher had gone with the idea of color-coding... i wonder what the quentin chapter will do to/for me... this time...
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Agrimorfee's Parodies
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so it looks like i'm committing self to this trip...

on the sunny side... i need an adventure... which for me almost always comes in the form of a road trip... tomorrow i will drive to petersburg... then on thursday i'll drive to jeffersonville in... for this land use panel in the evening... one-fifth of which will be mr. wendell berry... and i will... i hope... get to meet a most excellent member or two of the wberry list...

on the shadey side... it feels goofy to drive hours & hours down there to attend a discusssion of a topic... in which i am not wildly entangled... i mean... i care about what happens to land and people when bridges get built... but it's not my neighborhood & i don't know this land (living 11 months in louisville back in 73-74 doesn't much qualify me as a native)... but we do have important land use/development issues here in lake county... not bridges so much as highways, housing, commerce... so maybe this will help me think about that... somewhow... but...

well... it's all about mr. berry... he's the reason for the trip... but... i'm feeling... if not like a stalker... maybe some kind of old groupie... and i always get really stupid in the presence of...
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one path to j-ville from springfield... but there are many many... take i-55 south to 16 east at LITCHFIELD... to 127 south at HILLSBORO... to i-64 east at ADDIEVILLE... i love those names... wouldn't you like to live in addieville?
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speaking of evocative flower pictures... take a look at this one in A Glinting Web... is it the flower... the light... the camera... or the eye/mind/spirit... that clicked...
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Monday, July 19, 2004

Blogging Page
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Jacket 25 - Unprotected Text - Tom Beckett in Conversation with Richard Lopez
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Robert Mueller on Barbara Guest
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the problem with contests...
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Foetry: American Poetry Watchdog
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A muckraking website aims to blow the lid off the cozy practices of contemporary poetry.
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