Sunday, August 01, 2004

Sharp Sand: Terror Alert: Orange (sort of)

But I don't think many are going to be taken in by this shameless piece of politicking. ... we might be surprised...
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'Senioritis' can be lethal to students

This summer, U. of I. has joined other top schools in sending out hundreds of letters to the slacking seniors, giving some until Sunday to explain what caused their stellar grade point averages to plunge. For those who fail to respond or who offer unsatisfactory explanations, the school is responding harshly by revoking offers of admission.
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posted at 2:38 PM if a poet were some sort of steady-state identity...
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APOD: 2004 July 31 - A Blue Moon
In fact, the modern usage of the term 'Blue Moon' refers to the second Full Moon in a single month.
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Flight status
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E.n.t.r.a.n.c.e.d. ...this interwriting
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Saturday, July 31, 2004

The Web Concordances
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Report: Lampposts
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intersting that they talk of the hepworth as having a leaf-like shape... suzanne has called it a flame... and i think it has skeletal/pelvic connections... she has clearly tapped into some really fundamental/elemental... archaic... form here...
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more info about the sculptures at... Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art
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o to be as calm and self-possessed as a neoclassical column... click it...

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mom wrote me last monday and i have rudely not replied... this is so typical of a week in which the days have vanished... on the commute... in the classroom... and being so tired and forgetful at the end of the day... anyway...

she writes that the U. S. Newswire link (back on monday) is to a company run by two of my cousins... and sure enough there they are... the mccarren boys... with whom i'm out of touch forever and ever...

and she writes that i left a shirt at her place... which astonishes me because i am never the kind of person who leaves a shirt where it doesn't belong... but i guess i did...

and she writes that i never wrote directly about meeting mr. wendell berry... and she is correct... yes... i did meet him and speak with him for a very brief moment... and literally look up to him because he is a tall southern gentleman... and he signed my copy of The Wild Birds... because it was my first encounter with the people of port william... and the whole evening... last thursday in jeffersonville indiana... organized and ably moderated by clark county commissioner david lewis who had invited me down for it... was just... perfect...

talk to you soon mom...
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Friday, July 30, 2004

a bit of a walk from parking lot to classroom led me past this...

which i remember seeing in d.c. many years ago at... i think... the hirschhorn... or was it in a dream... or a book... here's the other side...

click on it... or here... to see a detail... this is by jean ipousteguy

structures still as flowers...

click here to see the whole piece in context... it's by barbara hepworth... and gave me a split second of breath every morning and every afternoon this week... and click here for the other hepworth on that lawn...
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Poetry in politics

Flowers, who is 38 years old, says he can't remember another candidate for president quoting poetry in his lifetime. He says doing so requires bravery because it's easy for anti-intellectuals to make fun of poetry.
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Thursday, July 29, 2004

woh... go look at the wonderful strange flower loren found
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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Wendell Berry | Some Notes for the Kerry Campaign, If Wanted
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seems was down for a good chunk of yesterday... hmmmm... and i had sooo much to say... but really, folks, i was pretty beat by 5p.m. & could barely deal with dom and the cat... let alone the known and unknown cyber-universe... struck me today (or yesterday) that i am not a born commuter... hate it, in fact... the ap summer institute is going well... a fine and useful experience...
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Monday, July 26, 2004

louisville courier-journal on the event i attended last week...
Panelists debate benefits, costs of planned Ohio River bridges
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U.S. Newswire - National Trust Announces National Preservation Conference in Louisville, KY; Restore America: Communities at a Crossroads
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so things will be thin here through the week...
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for on a monday i'm begun at the ap summer institute... northwestern u... so i drive an hour to evanston in the morning at 6:30... and drive back an hour to mundelein at 4:00... and have homework...not too bad tonight...but it's... thinking... and being held accountable and being tired for the first time all summer... and getting to whine about it... but the sessions are good... very interactive so far...
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