Sunday, May 29, 2005

graduation went just about as well as any has a right to go... they're always too long... but sometimes they seem to hang mid-air... & this one today didn't... it was nice as any i've been too... except i was thinking how great it would be to have it outdoors... the flourescents of the salvi arena are really... irksome... something unfriendly happens to my eyes... my head... my sense of balance... & i blame the flourescence... still... best wishes to the class of '05
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RSS: What RSS is, where to find RSS feeds, how to read RSS feeds, how to publish and syndicate RSS feeds
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thanks to tom haffner for the good words about at UIC English Education Online Resources
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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Public domain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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BOOKFORUM | Summer 2005 | on pynchon ... via hotel point
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pondering nick's thoughts on some of jonathan mayhew's questions... i'm a definite noodle poet... like them noodles... perfect or im-
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Friday, May 27, 2005

Church is home to all people of God ... via sullivan
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Thursday, May 26, 2005

& since everybody who's everybody is talking about the hat i'll just interject that mine arrived today... hope it fits... says it's a six... but i think i'm an eight
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all morning counting sophomore posts and daydreaming my way toward some fine semester exam questions also for grade 10... taking some time for fyp... this morning without seniors of any kind... with the occasional errant junior stopping in full of apologies for having failed to bring me... by the written deadline... their summer reading plans... then back to tweak something at fyp & remembering that suzanne wants me to put RSS on it in it over it... but for the life of me... as the old ladies say... i can't figure what RSS or Bloglines is really all about even though suzanne explained it all the other night & i listened very carefully... but she said it would make something easier for her and for the two or three others who read fyp and maybe even this blug... & i'm all for that... but what the hell... how can i get bloglines to work if i... they need a very simple explanation somewhere at their site for... someone like me
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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

finished with senior grades... if yr one of them, check out edline...
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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Invisible Cities... in russian
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gods & goddesses forgive me... but i do dearly love john wesley harding... the album... so simple odd & straight out there in the wrath & pity & confusion of it all...

come to think... this was the first dylan album i ever owned... release 27 december 67... would i have bought it soon after? ... i just don't know... don't think i was that cool... yet
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The Academy of American Poets - Bob Dylan: "I'm a poet, and I know it"...
While Dylan's place in the pantheon of American musicians is cemented, there is one question that has confounded music and literary critics for the entirety of Dylan's career: Should Bob Dylan be considered a songwriter or a poet? Dylan was asked that very question at a press conference in 1965, when he famously said, 'I think of myself more as a song-and-dance man.'
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check out the new look & stuff at The Academy of American Poets
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Outline of American Literature
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I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine ...

I dreamed I saw St. Augustine,
Alive as you or me,
Tearing through these quarters
In the utmost misery,
With a blanket underneath his arm
And a coat of solid gold,
Searching for the very souls
Whom already have been sold.

"Arise, arise," he cried so loud,
In a voice without restraint,
"Come out, ye gifted kings and queens
And hear my sad complaint.
No martyr is among ye now
Whom you can call your own,
So go on your way accordingly
But know you're not alone."

I dreamed I saw St. Augustine,
Alive with fiery breath,
And I dreamed I was amongst the ones
That put him out to death.
Oh, I awoke in anger,
So alone and terrified,
I put my fingers against the glass
And bowed my head and cried.

happy birthday, bob
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Monday, May 23, 2005

happy birthday, pete!!
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over mexican tonight with suzanne we talk (did we? i think) writing... poetry... church... family... people... mostly bloggers who bug us & who don't... bloggers we love in fact... though neither said it like that... & it comes to me that i'm way past peripheral in the matter of who's hanging with who & all that high school stuff... i'm far off... & happy to be... unrigorous even... just me & the keys & my trusty daedalus catalogue. & we figure i needs to drive out east some time... some... time
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Nihilist Chewing Gum
posted at 10:58 AM

today: two final discussions with the apes on the cities project... two periods of sophs with catcher in the rye... and one certain-to-be delightful visit with suzanne...
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happy birthday, pete!!
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