Sunday, June 19, 2005

HG Poetics: These big yak sessions about where poetry is going next...
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U B U W E B :: Cut and Paste: Collage and the Art of Sound
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what the chemical nightmare said
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Wikipedia:Unusual articles
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npiombino comments... Most writing about poetry that I read is sheer advertising. Most writing is sheer advertising. ... at tympan: "Hey, we're all 'shouting into a void'"
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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Graphic novel - Wikipedia
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San Diego Reader | Wrong About Japan: A Father's Journey with His Son
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ain't it the truth... Single File We Walk The Mile...
I am no longer apologetic for the material elements of my life, or lack thereof, though it's true I lug around a sack full of sorry for things I've yet to put my finger on. But I am not scared; that's one of the things you learn about going through therapy. There is just too much to be gained on the other side of scared to be bogged down by it for too long.


Friday, June 17, 2005

Americans Who Tell the Truth

Hercules and Hesione, the Trojan Proncess

Vegan Athletes Flex Their Muscles: OrganicAthlete Conference to Highlight Examples of Successful Vegan Athletes

To write and publish and not get any response is painful. To read something and not to share the experience of that reading, it isn't selfish, but it isn't complete either. ... but what is it? what? i think that's my major mode... how does one become more able to "share the experience of that reading"? what does one say? what does one know?

LIFE MET ART HERE / Part one: 1965-75 Forty years ago, Intersection for the Arts began as a place where religion crossed paths with the arts. It became a breeding ground for creativity.


Thursday, June 16, 2005

Lawyers Fought U.S. Move to Curb Tobacco Penalty - New York Times (register)...
The newly disclosed documents make clear that the decision was made after weeks of tumult in the department and accusations from lawyers on the tobacco team that Mr. McCallum and other political appointees had effectively undermined their case. Mr. McCallum, No. 3 at the department, is a close friend of President Bush from their days as Skull & Bones members at Yale, and he was also a partner at an Atlanta law firm, Alston & Bird, that has done legal work for R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, part of Reynolds American, a defendant in the case.

School Library Journal


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Essential Question?

AFA - American Family Association - Promoting Traditional Family Values... with any unblinkingly unthinkingly mean-spirited exclusionary agenda.... sheesh... is there any progressive organization out there that promotes REAL family values?

However, we must keep an eye on all of these uses because any tool can be abused if its usages are not carefully monitored.


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

returned from petersburg today... had a nice time doing nothing... taking pictures while mom & meg planted stuff... they're happy enough with the new chimney just rebuilt from the ground up... duke likes to watch too... except when he's playing in the mud... there was weather... and mom frets about her old cactus that just lays there... and she showed me the audubon bird call that beth brought her from florida and tells the tale of the other day when she had a conversation of some sort with a local cardinal... we had more weather last night... strange orangey popcorn in the sunset... i had a happily uneventful drive back home under gorgeous dramatic white & gray blue-sky clouds i couldn't stop to shoot...


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