Sunday, July 24, 2005

Inside the mind of an outsider: Henry Darger

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me & dom to santa maria ... pretty stuffy ... then dom to o'hare .. then me to the borders i rarely visit wheer i snatched up pessoa's the book of disquiet on a whim and culler's literary theory (in oxford's a very short introduction series) ... then back home for brunch & finding the pbs american masters show on sweet honey in the rock ... who always get me ... today's sposed to be the hottest day ... they say ... so ... what do they know ... i will read and sing and stay plenty cool thanks to our fresh multi-megaton cooling unit ...

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Lake Wobegon Goes Hollywood (or Is It Vice Versa?), With a Pretty Good Cast - New York Times (register) ...
A thin young man kept popping up on Mr. Altman's shoulder during shooting recently, offering bits of advice. Paul Thomas Anderson, director and Altman-phile, is ostensibly on the set for insurance purposes; Mr. Altman is 80, so a backup director is part of the package. But he stays keenly involved because, he said, 'it is invaluable to spend as much time around Bob as I can.'

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'Wind' blowing soon for Neil Young

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Friday, July 22, 2005

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

this standing-alone guy

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Dylan 'Judas' concert to be screened

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Internalational Dictionary of Neologisms

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

tinglified by
The House of The Rising Sun
alltheseyears &

o yes ... much of an excellent song & band ... can one say primal nowadays

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what a really good picture by jordan davis today ... Howard Johnson side door ... sometimes ... way more often than not ... they just sing ... don't they?

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Amassing a Treasury of Photography - New York Times

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

i think i'm in love with wikipedia ... been following the development of the article on John G. Roberts, Jr. ... a varied array of forces at play during a fast-breaking story ... with the (to my untrained eye) more balanced and professional approach to the entry becoming dominant ... when i first looked in, there were two sources listed ... there are now seventeen ... good stuff

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apparently (according to who knows what secret source) this fellow ... John G. Roberts Jr. ... is going to be nominated for the surpreme court ... interesting to watch the battle of the vandals at wikipedia

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Dylan offers bonanza of rarities on No Direction : HindustanTimes

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PhillySound: Poem Machines ... i still have pens and enjoy them in my hand ... i have paper notebooks full of writing that is trust me not good at all ... but about 2 1/2 years back i started doing fyp ... and found myself making pomes every day ... i'm not an adequate judge of their value for anyone other than myself ... but i'm certain there've been more of them and of more interest to me than any of my old paper writing ... i was just too damn precious on paper ... still am

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JW Asheville 2004 ... more by jonathan williams

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JW Asheville 2004 ... portraits by jonathan williams

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PhillySound: new poetry: poem machines

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Arthur Slade: Writing for Young Adults ... i've only read one of his books ... Tribes .. but it was quite decent

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Monday, July 18, 2005

just stumbled onto nick's ideas about ideas in poetry ... and wrote a quick thing at fyp ... doing i think the very thing he writes about ... making something certainly "with energy derived from the ideas tha[t] engendered the spark of the [poem]." i felt that toward the end of the poem ... so i went on a bit maybe a bit too far looking for an idea ... that was actually mine ... and of course this poem violates my prime directive for fyp ... that these things resist ordinary sense (which i sometimes confuse with ordinary saying)

excuse me i been reading flannery o'connor all afternoon ... haunted by how she might draw me ... because it is after all ... all about me

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Guardian Unlimited Books | Review | High peak haikus ...
Gary Snyder was a teenage mountaineer, studied Oriental languages, became a Beat poet in San Francisco with Ginsberg and featured in a Kerouac novel. After moving to Japan he took the vows of a Zen monk and Buddhism remains central to his work, which links ecology to literary values. Now 75, he lives on a remote 100-acre ranch in the Sierra Nevada.

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BEOWULF & GRENDEL Official Movie Website

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meanwhile ... in switzerland

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Illinois Drought ... radio this morning said it's the worst drought in 134 years ... pretty dry out here ... and yet the morning air is heavy with what could only be called humidity .... is this being sucked up into air from the ground overnight ... i wonder how that works

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Mining the Drama in a Rock Catalog ...
'Some Girls' seeks the spirit of the Smiths' songs by transforming them. The arrangements are not for rock band, but for string quartet with electronics. Morrissey's heartsick legato croon is reassigned to four women and two men, who deliver anything from keening, primal unaccompanied wails to swing-era harmonies. The Smiths' lyrics were proudly defenseless and unguarded: 'I know I'm unlovable/ You don't have to tell me.'

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The Seattle Times: Dylan, Jones help celebrate ... missed it ... dial-up hell

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