Sunday, August 14, 2005

Teacher Links

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a fox in the garden last night ... a big red fox .. and i saw it straight off into the shadows before anyone else could see it

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Astronomers interpret Hubble images in same majestic light as early painters of America's western landscapes

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

walked the walk this morning for the first time in almost three weeks ... and it was ok ... the uphill sections were a bit troublesome ... but nothing i couldn't handle ...

slow day today ... reading & stuff ... chatted with jay for a while ... he's off soon on sabbatical ... d.c. then rome then mexico ... me i been thinking school thoughts ... running that internal inventory of what to do to get it moving ... and have been doing some of that ... how to start ... i've got a mess of new titles for ap & am already sad to see some of my old favorites gone ... how will i survive without emma b ... matt feltner ... grendel ... kiowa ... we'll see

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The Eggcorn Database

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Friday, August 12, 2005

many thanks, amy ... for bringing this to my attention ... i especially liked You use religion to abdicate your responsibility to be thinking human beings. There are vast numbers of religious people who find your attitudes repugnant. i sure hope so.

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The statistics are complicated, but there is no doubt about the strength of men and women's preference for sites produced by people of their own sex,' said statistician and co-researcher Dr Rod Gunn.

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Research: Web site's appearance matters ...
Women seemed to like pages with more color in the background and typeface. Women also favored informal rather than posed pictures.

Men responded better to dark colors and straight, horizontal lines across a page. They also were more pleased by a three-dimensional look and images of "self-propelling" rather than stationary objects.

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Piero Scaruffi's knowledge base

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The unseen Bob Dylan

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yeah ... that's just about how it went

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typically stupid fashion has me signed up for a doctor's appointment this morning ... on a day my leg has never felt better and stronger ... so i'll go to the doc & say boy you shoulda felt what i felt a week or two ago & he'll look at me like i'm stupid or crazy & say somethng anything just to get me out of his office so he can get back to caring for the really sick people ... but i made the appointment yesterday after a trip to the dentist who is sometimes found on our morning walk ... i told him about the leg and he said did you get it checked out ... i said no and he made a face like you-dumb-person-this-could-be-really-bad ... and said something about deep vein thrombosis ... which pushed all my hypochondriacal buttons at once ... so i run home and call the doc for an appointment today ... and now i'm feeling just stupid ... deep vein thrombosis my butt ... and wondering should i call & cancel ... but that feels even stupider ... and my leg is doing really well today thanks ... but i'm getting two crowns in october because those molars are way too tipsy with old fillings & such

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


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i won't be worrying about these tech problems ... i will worry about things that matter if i worry at all ... if this whole silly structure puffs down into dust, that's ok ...

but for the record ... as noted, i found an odd workaround for my broken IE ... i'm able to open IE via the opera icon ... but not via any of my normally direct paths ... like clicking the IE icon ...

a kind soul ... sent me info about how to post to blogger via email ... i went there and set that up ... but also since yesterday i've been unable to send mail from any of my site accounts ... i seem to receive it just fine ... but nothing will go out ... so i've got my site support folks working on that ... and they seem a bit slower than usual ...

still reading paul elie's the life you save may be your own ... and this ... coupled with a recent first read of o'connor's wise blood ... has spun me of into a reading of old catholic books like o'connor's essays and letters ... and bits of merton (especially "fire watch") from a thomas merton reader and rice's the man in the sycamore tree ... and i've been reading an early ratzinger work introduction to christianity ... 1968 ... an unravelling of the apostle's creed ... and who am i to say that it's not half bad ... which makes me think it's pretty good ... but i've never been very bright about these things ... since there's always something i don't know or if i know it i don't understand it ... from which book i sent a big snip to a recent correspondent ... who's got me pondering my very own catholic identity ... which oddly enough is also a major principal-established theme of the coming school year ... and it's a basket full of bees ... you betcha ... and ... well ... nevermind ...

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

and having said that ... i manage to blog this wonderful opening sentence from jordan davis at constant critic ...
So Camille Paglia is irritated because poems aren't exigent contraptions anymore and I have to say if I only knew the introduction to Fold Spindle Mutilate what did she call it? I'd have to think that is one good marketing plan, go out and tell people what the NEA and their high school teachers want them to hear which is that poetry got too pointlessly non-standard and what Foetry and literary journalists want them to hear which is that unless poetry writes a Securities Exchange Act of 1934 to create a self-regulatory organization there will come a flood from angry confused individual heaven to wash away the logrolling and the backscratching and why don't they just write the good old poem kind of poems I hated when they made me read them because the teacher hated them but I hated the teacher so I had to end up liking the poem but I liked the poem anyway.

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trouble with my browsers ... either they're such old versions they won't support blogging ... or they're freezing up ... like this IE5.1 here ... odd ... seems i can't open IE directly but must open it via this opera download icon on my desktop ... this works ... but when i try to open IE directly it freezes ... tried to reinstall IE ... no difference ... i spent too much time yesterday downloading opera ... only to discover that its most advanced version for my OS will not let me blog ... so things may be thin here & there for a while ...

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Monday, August 08, 2005

if i had a kid i'd tell them to Leave My Child Alone

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just wandered into Payne Hollow ... and am happier for it ... a recent sample ...

Both American (especially religious American) war-supporters and modern terrorists believe:
1. That war can be God-ordained, indeed, they believe in the concept of a Holy War
2. It is permissible to kill innocents in the course of war IF the war is just
3. It is permissible to target thousands of innocent civilians IF the cause is just
4. It is okay to lie ­ even if people are dying as a result of the deception ­ as long as the cause is just
5. That "the enemy" are godless and/or the Great Satan and must be killed
6. That those who die in the war against terrorists are heroes who might be destined for heaven
7. That torture (in one form or the other) is a legitimate tool to obtain information from captured enemies

The difference then, between those who believe in violence as a solution and those who don't, is that violent solution supporters have some of the same logical starting points and pacifist/non-violent resisters don't. We (pacifists) believe in a different sort of logic.

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down & back from petersburg yesterday to celebrate many birthdays ... but mostly pat's 50th ... & had a very good time ... big thanks to mom & meg who never fail to amaze ... i know it was a huge challenge to you guys ... & as far as i can tell (for as long as i stayed) it worked wonderfully ... and my first-ever boca burger was very good ... much gratitude to mt & john and john, kathie & sara for quick carefree rides to and from ... a few pix forthcoming ...

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