Sunday, February 12, 2006

after some tempestuous exchanges over economic ideologies, i am SO enjoying the down and dirty facts of chicken feed over at the wendell berry discussion group ...

the cat has got some pretty damn nasty diarrhea going on and (though she's drinking a lot and eating only the dry food) is possibly getting kind of dehydrated ... so a call to the vet is probably in order tomorrow ... but her bright eyes betray no trouble ...

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The Berkeley crowd and a voice beyond ...
For a writer as steeped in Buddhism as Sanfield, it may seem strange to find so much raw autobiography, to hear so many echoes of poetic losers like Charles Bukowski and even Lew Welch; but there is also deeply embedded in his work a great heart -- straight from his Talmudic roots -- for the lost, the scorned, and underdogs of every sort.

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

but since i've just posted one new one (with two !! exclamations !! two) at finish your phrase i guess i have a fourth year in me ... at least the beginnings of a fourth year ... so many milestones ... but the actual hardcore birthday of fyp don't come until wednesday the 15 ... what kind of party would you come to?

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40x365 ... a wake-up structure ... but i wouldn't let myself say things about other people ... other people should never know what you think about them or what you see or remember because you could be wrong dead wrong and the sky would crumble ...

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ach ... wondering if i've got a fourth year ... maybe yes ... maybe ...

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Friday, February 10, 2006

carmel catholic street scenes 06 ... band practice in a dark room...

the rest is glitz ... and views of what was once my classroom and the library ...

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marking the end of year three at fyp with a long one. my calculator says there are 1,095 days in three years so i give myself that many words to say there. another calculation in works said stop here. so i did. so in fact there may be more or fewer than 1,095 words ... i wouldn't take the time to count by hand.

still with pollard's music that wakes up my ears like mingus and some shostakovich some voices. it's pretty hard to stay awake.

last night i worked the student show and was thoroughly delighted three times in a row ... the singing was fine the dancing was exquisite the colors the lights the music all full of wonders ... and of course you know i approve of the library/book theme ... wonder what they could've done with a bit of faulkner ... some pictures (but not of the show) to follow

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

rocking down & out & over & under just now to robert pollard's from a compound eye ... good stuff ... right up there with the good old gbv stuff ... from his little static mouse voice to his big bad booming roar

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

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just learned of the Potter Index ... "contains a database of every word and phrase in all of the Harry Potter books, stored by book and page number" ... interesting, but ... it seems to lack the specific pleasures of a regular (actual?) index ... in that one cannot browse it ... one types in "dumbledore" and finds the 982 appearances of his name ... one types in "the" and up pops a listing of 3461 page numbers (but, of course, only one per page) ...

and so ... it seems this is actually a CONCORDANCE ... a useful tool for seeking specified page number information for specific words ... but it lacks the human touch of an actual index that has been selected, gathered, and written by some human intelligence ... it cannot help me to find instances of a given character's immaturity because the term "immaturity" is not found in the text ... lacks the interest and warmth of hazel bell's index of angela thirkell's work or lisa mirabile's work on The English Patient

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

and today the last period was spent disassembling the school for this annual fundraising event. my room will be a show room. my books are piled on the cabinet in the no-man's land corridor outside the chapel. my furniture's a tidy pile in recchia's room next door. so there's no school tomorrow or thursday or friday or monday. i get to work student night ... thursday. decoratioins go up tomorrow. i get to read lots of student paper ... and play around just a little bit.

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amy (who's been teaching just down the hall from me this semester but who i almost never see ... and that's a shame) says i should write about this. but i don't like when people obsess over sickk dying or dead pets online. there's so much of that.

so the cat has been having some rough days. not eating or drinking (at least not in my presence). (but just now i looked and found she has licked up some of the chicken gravy). this morning she stood with her left paw in the water dish. and then she splashed around in it like i'd never seen before. i think she is senile. a bit of dementia. it seems she can't remember what to do with food. and pat who cooks for us has an old cat in similar straits so we swap stories. tonight, for example, she says hers has been eating the crappy on-sale tuna fish. so i file that thought for (near)future use.

so i don't know. this cat. tonight at least she's hanging out with me a bit. sitting over there in sight while i'm over here. she gets up now and wanders out. i follow and find her face down in her food dish. no not dead. eating. go figure.

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BREITBART.COM - Haitians Begin Vote in Key Election ...
Haitians jammed polling stations Tuesday as U.N. peacekeepers fanned out to guard the country's first presidential election in nearly six years, a vote widely viewed as a key step toward steering this bloodied, impoverished nation away from collapse.

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Monday, February 06, 2006

francois truffaut ... born 2.6.1932 ...

... i've always liked his stuff ... makes me kind of middle-brow ... i guess ... sorry

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ALA | Nominations - Great Graphic Novels for Teens

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NME.COM - News - Bob Dylan gets to work on new album ... always good news ... for some of us

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