Sunday, February 19, 2006

been reading student papers ... and took some time to finish a short book i've been reading slow to savor ... frank x walker's Bufffalo Dance: The Journey of York ... a series of poems as the journal/thoughts of york, slave to clark of lewis& ... working the magic that turns small things big ... rich as any good novel ... does some simple fresh things with dialect that makes it live ... all around good stuff ... here's


I picks up a few Shoshoni words an signs
from the foreign man's squaw.
She point to the men an say "daiboo"
an then at me an say "duu daiboo"
I figures the duu is for my blackness
after I sees her rub her cheek.

It seem like her Frenchman speak to her
through his nose sometimes.
His tongue got more flowers on it
than Capt. Clark's, but fetch my supper,
make my bed and bend over
sound the same in any language.

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The Click That Broke a Government's Grip

posted at 1:33 PM

and i still need more book-space ... but where?

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and yesterday i cleaned up a bit in the bedroom ... under-the-bed was the trickiest spot ...there the beast spends much time ... and has laid down a sur-carpet of catfuzz that got me to comb the floor before i vacuumed it ... and behold ... i retrieved enough catfuzz to fashion a new cat only a bit smaller than the old cat ... there were some other moderately disgusting discoveries, too ... but now we're all right ... cleanly enough ... if not quite godly enough

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These ways of marriage, kinship, friendship, and neighborhood surround us with forbiddings; they are forms of bondage, and involved in our humanity is always the wish to escape. We may be obliged to look on this wish as necessary, for, as I have just implied, these unions are partly shaped by internal pressure. But involved in our humanity also is the warning that we can escape only into loneliness and meaninglessness. Our choice may be between a small, human-sized meaning and a vast meaninglessness, or between the freedom of our virtues and the freedom of our vices. It is only in these bonds that our individuality has a use and a worth; it is only to the people who know us, love us, and depend on us that we are indispensable as the persons we uniquely are. ... wendell berry in "Men and Women in Search of Common Ground" in Home Economics (1987)

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

popping the pill down cat's throat is going better or just luckier ... but there's always a price .. man ... those teeth are ... efficient

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in order to prove that i never win anything ... i'm linking to Archie McPhee: Toys, Gifts & Novelties ... because they've got this really crass advertising contest going ... where if you link to them and tell them you linked and they pick yr address out of some digital gaboon and send you a gift certificate ... you lucky winner ... you ... but i don't feel too polluted by this ploy because i've always liked Archie McPhee's Stuff ... have very fond memories of my first rubber chicken and the cat still drags out my silver and gold (plastic) baseball guys ... as if they were some kind of fresh kill and other odd plastic bits ... but you can be sure that if i win this stinking contest i'll spend my winnings [[here]] ... because it would generally lift the cultural tone of my over-all decor ... & that's all i got to say

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HG Poetics ... henry gould on some delightful poetical degrees of connection ...

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When I Say The Word Home, I Almost Whisper It ... r.i.p. Barbara Guest

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Friday, February 17, 2006

tiny white pills don't go down so well when you got to jam them down a throat defended by pointy sharp teeth they dissolve on yr fingers and you get bit

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

forghet the spagetti

forghot the spagetti

what so appealing about this transposition of the h ...

ih chould gho onh andh onh

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

word on the cat is h y p e r t h y r o i d i s m ...

other word is a n e m i a ...

more pills ...

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Sven Birkerts: The Gutenberg Elegies

posted at 3:06 PM

also the third anniversary of finish your phrase ... and we're having a great time over here in the cchs parking lot just off route 176 in far east mundelein ... just down from libertyville ... giving away all kinds of gorgeous birthday prizes to passers-by: i.e. FYP teething rings and FYP glo-in-the-dark brtom skulls ... stuff like that ...

please note: the first line i wrote on saturday (my public's loading ... my shotgun ...) was an accident ... i didn't know it was loaded ... & anyhow fyp don't carry topical pomes ...

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so it's Matt Groening's birthday ... and he's a franchise ... but at least he's not (yet, that I know) taking his eraser to akbar's fez or bongo's ear to grab a lump of the china market

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

who forgot monday ...

took the cat in yesterday where the vet took poop and pee and blood ... and sold me a bottle of flagyl (sp?) this weird white stuff that dries to the consistency of superglue ... which the cat of course hates hates hates and spits out ... lab results tomorrow ... but how could it be anything other than bad news ...

hates so much in fact that she's hiding right now under the bed ... knows what's coming ... the struggle ...

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