Sunday, March 19, 2006

so wright's The Amalgamation Polka is starting to work on me ... but i may not be so smart to read it synchronously with Beloved ... we'll see ...

the style is a bit of 21st century victorianism ... as in this one sentence:

The operation of memory, when Roxana came to regard it at all, seemed to her to be rather like the idle shuffling of an ever-thickening deck of haunted cards, some of course quite new regardless of age, figures and symbols still retaining a high gloss across years of hard usage, some gone missing entirely (thereby reducing one's chances in the crucial game?), while others, the bulk of the pack, simply gathered over time stains and smudges, layers of puzzling obscurities, edges slowly softening, detail fading, hands dealt and redealt in whatever grand, capricious, unknowable cycle it was that made up the contest of a life.

the times called this prose style a "trippy fecundity" ... sure, i guess that works ... the guy goes off & gets away with it ... far as i can tell

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

trying to slow myself down after a pretty wild week ... so last night i watched this new documentary on townes van zandt ... Be Here To Love Me ... and it's as touching as his music ... you get a sense of what's been lost ... of what was already lost ... too soon

then this morning i shopped for cat food and razor blades and toothpaste ... i knocked off a couple of b&n gift certificates ... picking up paul auster's translation of stephane (birthday boy) mallarme's A Tomb for Anatole ... and stephen wright's The Amalgamation Polka purely on the strength of a quirky review a week or so ago in the trib ... it's a bit tough getting started ... but at least the cover's by chip kidd ... and it's blurbed by pynchon ... so we'll see

a couple days ago we had snow and i made a picture ... but it's just about all gone now ...

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Friday, March 17, 2006

BBC NEWS | Africa | African star Ali Farka Toure dies ... just getting around to noting this sad development from last week ... so st. patrick's day in this small corner of lake county begins with a suitable dose of mali blues ...

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

played this leonard cohen singing byron which i find so steady and profound ... sad & sure ... played it for them and they ... couldn't hear what i heard ... so ... nothing of much importance gets heard in school anyway ... a ... b ... c ... d ... f

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The Grotesque

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A Thousand Kisses Deep: (hrvatska stranica Leonarda Cohena)

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

just now finished quarter 3 grades ... and it was a tough process & i'm beat ... but feeling like a trooper for balancing the back trouble and the cat trouble and some other odds & ends with the paper trouble ... and swearing i'll never ever do it like this again ... but i've heard that before ...

the cat's been pretty miserable ... a bad reaction to the thyroid pills ... sets up these nasty bumps under her facial fur which must be enormously itchy ... because she's been literally scratching her face off ... not a good or pleasant thing ... so we stop the pills and apply the cream and wait ...

and just noticed the first tulip leaf popping up in the garden ... and i still got to cut back the roses ... soon ... before they start going green again

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Happy Birthday, Mike!!

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Medication For Hyperthyroidism ... Facial itching is a more serious side effect. This side effect also resolves with anti-itch medication and discontinuation of methimazole. Cats who have this side effect can be expected to have it again if medication is restarted and another form of treatment should be instituted. Facial itching occurs in less than 4% of cats on methimazole.

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Monday, March 13, 2006

there go monday ... where ... the third quarter grading crunch goes on ... mom says they had a tornado in springfield last night ... and everyone we know is ok ... good

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