Sunday, March 26, 2006

I think he's absolutely right about how the site that needs the most attention is K-12 education: if poetry were on the curriculum and if it were taught unsadistically (for how else can you describe the usual process by which poems are vivisected in search of "meaning," and by which students are made to feel that reading poetry is an unpleasant test to be circumvened whenever possible?), its audience would expand tremendously.

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

sophomores finished their posters for the upcoming celebration of you-know-what ...

is it about the poet ... or the poem ... or ... ?

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Friday, March 24, 2006

now i might be close to the last person in the building ... so quickly we empty out for spring break ... no ... i hear some voices way down the hall ... maintenance people ... the snow is coming down on purpose like in a play ... a bunch of old men ... hoping for a soft landing ... now two kids come by looking for homework ... now a maintenance guy tells me he's working all next week on floor tiles ... he's approved for asbestos work ... tells me my floor is good ... no asbestos ... good

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Ellen Lupton: Design Writing Research

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Bookslut | Judging a Book by Its Cover: Classics Edition

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identity theory | interviews | chip kidd

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Carol Devine Carson

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these ...

Random books from my library

Sonata at Payne Hollow by Wendell Berry
The country of marriage by Wendell Berry
Our Sustainable Table by Robert Clark (ed.)

could be some weird slot machine ...what would i win if i got three berrys in a row? actually ... i believe there is an essay by berry in the clark volume ... hmmm

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Manas: the journal of intelligent idealism

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Paula's House of Toast: Refuge ... The world had been this way for my whole lifetime, and, indeed, from the beginning of history. But I was tired of being appalled. There had seemed to be a particularly ugly confluence of awfulness lately.

and then paula finds some peace and sanity ... as she always seems to ... in the smallest places ...

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from dorothy day at whiskey river ... We do not want to be given that clear inward vision which discloses to us our most secret faults.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006 Books | "Religious belief itself is an adaptation" ... Sociobiology founder Edward O. Wilson explains why we're hard-wired to form tribalistic religions, denies that "evolutionism" is a faith, and says that heaven, if it existed, would be hell.

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Flos Carmeli

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

i took on milton today ... "lycidas," as you see ... and did okay ... at least i came out of it feeling like i could get him if i had to (as in "gonna get you next time i see you comin' 'round" ... as in "gonna get you and yr big brother too") ... i've been avoiding it for three years ... just because ... maybe for the same reason i've been avoiding henry james ... but i decided this morning to go head-to-head ... mano-a-mano .. & see what damage we could do ... & it weren't so bad after three periods ... i clearly learned more from it all than the seniors who only got one dose while i got three ... though i may not be ready for paradise lost

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yesterday a colleague mentioned that he had spent some time reading fyp ... he didn't say much but he wondered if i was angry ... if i was an angry person ... or angry about something ... or life in general ...

and this was kind of unsettling to me because i wouldn't naturally ascribe anger to myself ... as one of my defining traits ...

i told him something like ... you know, this "i" in these things is not necessarily me ... in fact, the i is most always a consciously constructed other ... or even sometimes not that ... but just the word "i" in the space of that line ... just i ...

but i know this doesn't answer ... and it's got me wondering if for all their apparent randomness ("nothing is random" i told the sophomores just yesterday related to thoughts about eecummings poetry) ... wondering if some kind of persona has floated up through the dust of all that language i been making for the past three years over there ... some kind of someone that i'd want (need, hope) to deny was myself ... and yet ...

those things come from me & not from some automated phrase generator ... some "me" is making them ... including and exluding this and that word ... and the words do add up to ... something ... so ...

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Milton: Lycidas

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Monday, March 20, 2006

from Thomas Merton ...

We must begin by frankly admitting that the first place in which to go looking for the world is not outside us but in ourselves. We are the world. In the deepest ground of our being we remain in metaphysical contact with the whole of that creation in which we are only small parts. Through our senses and our minds, our loves, needs, and desires, we are implicated, without possibility of evasion, in this world of matter and of men, of things and of persons, which not only affect us and change our lives but are also affected and changed by usThe question, then , is not to speculate about how we are to contact the world - as if we were somehow in outer space - but how to validate our relationship, give it a fully honest and human significance, and make it truly productive and worthwhile for our world.

From Love and Living by Thomas Merton, edited by Naomi Burton Stone and Br. Patrick Hart (San Diego, New York, London: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1985)

actually last week's thought

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