Sunday, April 09, 2006

whatever you need, just look around & there it is ... one of the soft rules

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whatever you need, you better go find it for yourself ... one of the hard rules

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Charles Baudelaire's Fleurs du Mal

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what i did ... i woke and walked with dom ... i ate cereal ... i drank coffee and logged on here ... i made a couple poems that accidentally turned out to be the same but different ... and i was secretly pleased with myself ... i read email and a few blogs and wished i were smarter ... i travelled to the bank for a meager deposit then to target and bought two lightbulbs and bottles of coated aspirin and fiber laxative tablets ... i forgot cat litter ... i forgot carpet stain remover ... gassed up at shell for just over thirty bucks ...

when i got home there was nothing in the mail ... i logged on again and found an email from a friend but lacked the energy to answer it just then ... also fiddled with the mail program to see what might be done about this silly obscene spam i've been getting ... nothing much to be done about it short of dumping the whole address into a blackhole ...

had a lunch of last night's pasta in front of the television .. what was on? i don't remember ... then back to my room to read a chunk of bernstein's shadowtime and a chunk of lot 49 ... then the pasta caught up with me and i fell asleep for too long and woke in time for in-house palm sunday services ... i got to read the big part of the gospel ... more reading ... then soup for dinner and watching hotel rwanda ... wow there's some tremendous evil in the world ... look out ... now here i am ... i answered my friends' letter ... listen to couperin's lecons de tenebres ... type this ... & listen for the echo

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Friday, April 07, 2006

just beginning pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49 with the senior apes ... this is my second use of the book (first was two years ago) ... and it's always a treat (of some kind) ... i look forward to each reading ... i like taking it slow ... & sure i've got this here A Companion to ... in easy reach ... it's odd that the book needs so much annotation ... but the times have changed ... they always do ... & a comic mode seems the vulnerable to time ... & i found today that most of my classes had no knowledge of Jack Lemmon ... so i had to take a tangent to recommend you know Some Like It Hot & The Apartment & all ...

& the sophs are starting The Great Gatsby which i've been loony over for a long time ... though i know it leaves some folks cold ... or worse ... why does it work for me?? i like the language ... i like the tight structure ... i like the questions it provokes in youngish readers ... i like the way it teaches literary reading ... but what is this? i've just discovered that the latest edition of the book has completely different pagination ... signalling the end of the index? grrrr ...

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

so yesterday i had The Talk with the vet ... i said this is my first & only cat & i've never been around a dying one ... so how will i know when it's time for ... you know ... & he said well if the thyroid & kidneys go you'll see these signs & then well ... you know ...

but actually the cat's been pretty good & i talked the vet out of a distemper shot but he urged the rabies for legal reasons ... though it's still ridiculous since she's so mellow & indoorsy & private & old ... o well ... you know

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In fact, since it's an inverted if/then statement, it really has a negative amount of meaning, less than zero, the opposite of meaning. It sucks meaning out of the listeners.

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Jen Bervin | A Non- Breaking Space ... thanks, suzanne

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

from whiskey river ...
Always be joyful, no matter what you are. With happiness you can give a person life. Every day we must deliberately induce in ourselves a buoyant, exuberant attitude toward life. In this manner, we gradually become receptive to the subtle mysteries around us. And if no inspired moments come, we should act as though we have them anyway. If you have no enthusiasm, put up a front. Act enthusiastic, and the feeling will become genuine. Rabbi Nachman of Bratslau

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happy birthday, mr. morganfield ...

Long Distance Call
by McKinley Morganfield a.k.a. Muddy Waters

You say you love me darlin',
please, call me on the phone sometime
You say you love me darlin',
please, call me on the phone sometime
When I hear your voice,
ease my worried mind

One of these days,
I'm gonna show you how nice a man can be
One of these days,
I'm gonna show you just how nice a man can be
I'm gonna buy you a brand, new Cadillac,
if you only speak some good words about me

Hear my phone ringin',
sound like a long distance call
Hear my phone keep ringin',
sound like a long distance call
When I picked up my receiver,
the party said another mule kickin' in your stall

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Monday, April 03, 2006

curious ... because i'd never heard of Geoffrey of Vinsauf until just now when chris murray posts a bit from him ... i google him & find this cute thing & wonder what if a person actually painted or assembeld all the pieces as he lists them ... Geoffrey of Vinsauf's directions for describing a beautiful woman (from his Poetria Nova) ... wouldn't it end up some grotesque image of a woman ... which might be what any one (man?) might produce in the attempt to describe ...

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