Sunday, June 11, 2006

Los Angeles -- In "Grendel," John Gardner's 1971 retelling of the "Beowulf" story, the title character's view of the world is shaken by his first encounter with art, a bard's song with the miraculous ability to transform the mud and degradation of human existence into a gleaming, beautiful lie.

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deep into another reading of wb's A Place on Earth ... part 1 of aplit summer reading ... & motivated by Old Jack to get my hands in some dirt i dug around in one of our front walk plots & dropped in the remainder of nasturtium seeds ... there's some plastic sheeting in there & i'm too lazy to rip it all out ... sliced it up good though ... so ... we'll see what grows ...

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Internet Public Library: Blogs

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

jordan reminds me what a very good year 1986 was for music ... or maybe it's just that i've got lots of memories tied up in those tunes

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Opera: 'Grendel' is a monster of a show

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Friday, June 09, 2006

June 9 (Bloomberg) -- Elliot Goldenthal's first opera, "Grendel," made its much-anticipated official debut yesterday in a lavish staging at the Los Angeles Opera directed by Julie Taymor.

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are fears of the impending death of the internet overstated?

Congress is about to cast a historic vote on the future of the Internet. It will decide whether the Internet remains a free and open technology fostering innovation, economic growth and democratic communication, or instead becomes the property of cable and phone companies that can put toll booths at every on-ramp and exit on the information superhighway.

probably not ... given the true nature of corporate s.o.b.ism

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

doe & faun stuck in the yard between the priory and the school ... until the lights go down ... then they slip away from us ...

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Polliwog Journal: HTML was a blast

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remember to read joseph duemer'sReading & Writing more often ...not only has he just discovered ray johnson and how to draw a bunny ... but he has just clued me in to a new leonard cohen (produced/written) album blue alert ... so ... remember

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bill evans ... conversations with myself ... a real good thing

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critter watch: on the walk & elsewhere ... o the usual rabbits & squirrels ... chipmunks, finches, redwings, robins ... some coyote reports but no sightings ... and a wonderful dearth of skunks lately ... and then there are the deer ...

maybe i'm just a little spooked by reports from downstate of deer attacking people ... but two days ago dom & i were in the back range of our trail & came across a deer right in the path ... as we approached it just stood & stared ... when we clapped it jumped high like an arch into the field but didn't keep going ... stood, stared & moved back to the road ... so we retreated ... and then this morning two deer at a different spot but right on the path ... they also were quite reluctant to give ground ...

then there's the big rose bush in the garden ... munched & munched ...

real nice lunch & conversation with the kaisers ... good talk about L49 & other stuff ...

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

funny that here on silly 6.6.06 i should find myself reading jack welch's chapter in The Carmelite Way on "Visions and Voices" wherein he considers the nature of such in the experience and writing of john of the cross and teresa of avila ... he notes this from teresa's Life ...

I was once in an oratory and he [the devil] appeared to me in an abominable form at my left side. Because he spoke to me, I looked particularly at his mouth--which was frightening. It seemed that a great flame, all bright without shadow, came forth from his body. He told me in a terrifying way that I had really freed myself from his hands but that he would catch me with them again. I was struck with great fear and blessed myself as best I could; he disappeared, but returned right away. This happened to me twice. I didn't know what to do. There was some holy water there, and I threw it in that direction; he never returned again.

jack goes on to say of teresa ...

She learned that the real demonic is found in our own attachments to what is contrary to God and God's will. The devils are powerful, she learned, only when we are being a devil to ourselves, when we are in contradiction with ourselves. But those who embrace the cross and serve God have nothing to fear. She concluded, "I don't understand these fears, 'The devil! The devil!', when we can say 'God!' 'God!', and make the devil tremble." As a matter of fact, those who feared the devil frightened her more than did the devil.

a pretty good book ... The Carmelite Way: An Ancient Path for Today's Pilgrim ... 1996, Paulist Press ...

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Which direction we are going, as a culture and civil society, is a great question for our times. Will we continue on the current path of corporatism, war and human rights abuses that have marked the last century? Or will we repair and restore our governments and institutions.

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Monday, June 05, 2006

so ends the thirtieth year of my teaching life ... after a morning of fiddling around over grades ... pulling posters off the walls ... even the bob posters ... even the bob posters ... shuffling most evidence of me out of sight ... dancing my computer cart down to room 605 ... it's done ...

i've still got to wrestle some books out of the way tomorrow ... but it's done ... and along with a bit of relief and that tiny thought of freedom with all these unscheduled days of june, july and a bit of august stretched out before me ... along with all that ... there's mostly the shock of the empty space waiting for something someone ... no plans have been made ...

but if once upon a time you'd told me i'd be some day marking thirty years of teaching ... i'd a laughed ... real loud ... & obnoxiously ... sort of reminds me of that gary snyder poem ... 'hay for the horses' ... except for teaching being much more fun than bucking hay (i imagine) ...

right now i'm guessing that most of this empty space will be filled with getting ready for year thirty-one ... yeah ...that seems a most likely development

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Beginning later this year, Wal-Mart plans to roll out a complete selection of organic foods - food certified by the U.S.D.A. to have been grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers - in its nearly 4,000 stores. Just as significant, the company says it will price all this organic food at an eye-poppingly tiny premium over its already-cheap conventional food: the organic Cocoa Puffs and Oreos will cost only 10 percent more than the conventional kind.

& michael pollan inspects the news

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